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Thanks so much for the wonderful tool! I noticed that, when I import item data, it does not include any helmet enchantments. Is this a bug? Is it planned to be able to import data that parses helmet enchantment?
Cant get the url with auth. No message till yesterday. There are some troubles?
Good day! Why I have pole.trade recently began to hang (long processed requests and long site responds to my actions) the problem is only on this site:(
searching for hyrri's ire, wanted to seek out high evasion, high dmg versions. the evasion search works fine, the dmg? doesn't matter what i put into the value selection at all if i use the total dmg search. literally anything works, numbers of any value, letters, special characters etc.
here is an example


switching to the actual mod without the total selection will properly isolate the damage values in the search though. example


Had to disable the adds, because for some reason they were using a shitton of memory. If you want people to not use addblocker, use better adds.
WitchHunt666 wrote:
Cant get the url with auth. No message till yesterday. There are some troubles?

site doesn't support Socketed Attacks have -15 to Total Mana Cost
i've a small suggestion:

u could add a small checkbox to every offer that does nothing.
People could use these to mark already messaged offers so they dont accidentlly message somebody twice. I think its an easy change that would bring some quality of life.
Feature Request

Firstly, much love xyz, I've used your tool since it was released and have had many hours of enjoyment from it.

Currently no tool lets me search for a specific Timeless Jewel. Already there are almost 1,000 of one type of jewel, so there is no way to specify a seed number. This is only going to get worse as the league progresses and more and more players hit up that content.

Currently I've been using website search functions and going individually through the ilvl's and buyout changes to do 40-80 at a time, but this is problematic.

I know the API picks up that data, as you can sort by it on the official trade site, but there is no way to search for a specific number.
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Hey. the problem is that when I launch Live Search in my Chrome browser or mozilla firefox browser, then when I find the item, only a sound signal occurs. But there is no notification from the browser. And when I search for more than 10 things at the same time, I can’t understand what kind of thing was found.

Need help!

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