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Item sorting by price gets wonky when you hit the edge of the 1 exalted range. 1 ex is currently 80 c but the sorting considers 0.8 ex or ( 0.8 ex * 80 c = 64 c ) to be less than 48 c. The problem here is that people are intentionally abusing this to get their items listed first even though the price is higher than someone further down the list. I'm assuming it's converting ex to c at a rate of 1 to less than 60. If this is a static value being used it needs to be updated. If it is dynamically checking the conversion rate from ex to c it's doing it wrong.
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thanks for this great website. i have just set up my store, but i have one issue - the "whisper" text that is copied to the clipboard is addressed to a character that I rarely play. How do I set it up so that that the whisper text goes to the player I am logged on as?
Could you please create an option in settings wich would notify user about certain item find via e-mail?
There is something special I am looking and waiting for many days already. It would be extremely useful to get email notification ASAP whilst I am at work, where I can't constantly monitor poe.trade and it would allow me to waste less time after work to do this. I think it would be one hell of a good search option for us all.
Thank you dear Sir/Madame )
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I have found a bug/issue with poe.trade.

When selling items in bulk from the Fragment Tab, the stock is not shown on the poe.trade currency site.

This is my fragment tab:

This is the listing on poe.trade currency (stock NOT shown):

This is the listing on the official poe trade site (stock IS shown):

It seems that the official poe site lists the stock of the fragment tab just fine, but the poe.trade currency site does not display it. I have asked another player to do the same and he could replicate the behavior.

greets, Bers
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im using aquisition .my items are not showing in poe trade. i searched for a way to fix it but nothing works. anything else i could try? if i can't find a way to fix it im gonna quit this game sadly. trading in this game is really important.
Hello Guuuuuuuys <3 Let me know. Am i banned on poetrade site, cause i can`t see my items active for all day, what ever i have been doing) THX. I know that the only person who can help, that`s XYZ
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Can u add total %x increased movement speed? Because it does not show boots with crafted movement speed, you have to search crafted instead of regular movement speed.
feature request:

when live searching, a option to pop tab to foreground (with a warning for hardcore players so that don't put it on top of their game and die from it)
Completed 24 Challengesnpavcec wrote:
Often time when you browse the market you want to add a offline person to your friend list and copy-paste a whisper. The whisper string is too long in 99% of the cases.

I'd like to kindly request a button which would fill the clipboard with condensed information suitable for pasting in the friend desctiption. Name it "short whisper" or just SW - not really important, as long it exists.


@LembarBestiary Hi, I would like to buy your Pandemonium Sever Jewelled Foil listed for 5 chaos in Bestiary (stash tab "10"; position: left 12, top 9)

Short Whisper:
@LembarBestiary Hi, I'd like to buy Pandemonium Sever Jewelled Foil listed @ 5 chaos. Bestiary. (tab "10"; position: 12-9)

WTB Pandemonium Sever Jewelled Foil @5chaos B, T10P(12,9)
Small bug report:

The map mod "Players cannot Regenerate Life, Mana or Energy Shield" cannot be searched. "Players have no Life or Mana Regeneration" exists instead, which is not currently rollable. It would be useful to be able to search by the current version of this mod (or, more to the point, NOT for the mod), since for many builds it is not possible to run.

Edit: "Players have #% less Recovery Rate of Life and Energy Shield" is in a similar situation. Likely several other map mods as well.

Thanks for all the work on the site, it is very helpful!
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