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Got a chest with the '0,6% of energy shield regenerated per second' suffix

But I can't seem to search for that on Poe.trade ?

Will only let me search for uniques with the mod, or abyss jewels
Ign: Icyboss
Any chance of allowing saved searches? would maybe require creating an account.

Items with crafted movement speed on boots do not show up with the generic movement speed search. For example this search.

Which doesn't show
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Ничего не работает, одни ошибки, недоработки и прочее.
Suggestion: Add a way to quickly price items. By comparing them to currently listed items.
Completed 19 Challengesliamwpk wrote:

Items with crafted movement speed on boots do not show up with the generic movement speed search. For example this search.

Which doesn't show

That's not generic movement speed. That's movement speed as an explicit affix, and the one you selected in particular happens to be organized in the Shaper section. Unfortunately, there isn't any kind of Total Movement Speed you can select, but if you set up a filter group with both the explicit and crafted and either set Count minimum to 1 or set a Sum minimum to whatever you desire, you'll get both results.

my items are not being indexd by poe.trade anymore.
It worked all fine for many leagues, but suddenly it stoped working for me some days ago.
When I hand over my items to a friend they get listed again.

Is it possible that I somehow got banned or blacklisted by poe.trade?

Please help me because this is ruining my gaming experience, I need to be able to sell items in order to progress in this game :(

I contacted poe.trade support via email but did not get any answer.
Then I contacted the GGG support and they told me there is nothing they can do for me and advised me to do this reply on this thread.

Please help,

thank you in advance,

kind regards
A method for reporting people who post items purely for price fixing and not for actual trading.
Often time when you browse the market you want to add a offline person to your friend list and copy-paste a whisper. The whisper string is too long in 99% of the cases.

I'd like to kindly request a button which would fill the clipboard with condensed information suitable for pasting in the friend desctiption. Name it "short whisper" or just SW - not really important, as long it exists.


@LembarBestiary Hi, I would like to buy your Pandemonium Sever Jewelled Foil listed for 5 chaos in Bestiary (stash tab "10"; position: left 12, top 9)

Short Whisper:
@LembarBestiary Hi, I'd like to buy Pandemonium Sever Jewelled Foil listed @ 5 chaos. Bestiary. (tab "10"; position: 12-9)
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Not sure if this is an indexing problem or a display option on your side, but here's the problem:

The item Saqawal's Talons has +# seconds to Avian's Flight duration.
I cannot find any that have a negative duration modifier.
Inputting a negative value into the min/max fields gets purged after search and doesn't affect it.
Inputting a max of 0 yields no returns.

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