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Leukon wrote:
Leukon wrote:
Leukon wrote:
Уже как недели полторы моих вещей не показывает вообще!
Already a week and a half of my things does not show at all!


Ну так может кто-то из заинтересованных личной мне ответит, куда или к кому мне обращаться? Это не дело же ведь!?
Well, can any of the interested personal answer me, where or to whom should I contact? It's not the same after all!?

А это https://ru.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Abyss/kawbynjho, для видимости моих продаж на официальном сайте......
And this https://ru.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Abyss/kawbynjho, for the sake of my sales on the official website ......

И так, кто же мне ответит уже и сколько ждать вообще?
Или всем и всюду трепать, что сайту кирдык?
And so, who will answer me and how long should I wait?
Or all and everywhere to rattling, that the site kirdyk?

Прошло ещё пару дней, а толку ноль! Куда или кому ещё мне писать?
It's been a couple of days, but zero sense! Where or to whom else should I write?
My shop didn't update for days, literally days...
Completed 2 Challengesxyz wrote:
Completed 22 ChallengesKawaiiLoli wrote:
My name isn't yellow on poetrade. Logged to one of my 100s and listed item. Poetrade updated my character name but I'm still not yellow. Are the names still becoming yellow and I'm just being hasty? My profile has been public for very long time.

I've updated the first post, let me know if the provided solution does not work for you.


I have the same problem with displaying my 100 LvL account, please help me solve the problem.
Have been searching for some shaped maps to buy to move to std just to mess around with and I have noticed that some of them are not bring up the correct results.

Searching Shaped Fields brings up Shaped Underground Sea and Searching Shaped Underground Sea Brings up Shaped Tribunal. Just letting you know hope when you have time to fix it you can.
How to deal with price fixers who not actually selling anything and not replying,just have many items listed with low price for weeks?
GGG deleting every post in these ppl threads and not relly care about it.

I have a commercial offer. Where should I go? any emails?

Is there a way to debug why I'm not showing up in poe.trade? It was OK, but since a few days I get much less offers. I've checked poe.trade and I don't see my items.

I don't cheat/scam, but assuming I got banned somehow, how to check it?
By job: programmer and PC repair technician. By passion: photography and DIY movement. I'm glad when I can help! Feel free to ask me about PC/technical stuff.
A system to rate sellers would go a long, long way. Just a 1-5 star thing would be a huge improvement.
KrzysiuNet wrote:
I've checked poe.trade and I don't see my items.

Does this look like your stuff?

Honestly, I'm not playing and I don't know anyone who is. Abyss League is basically dead at this point and I wouldn't expect to see many people trading until Bestiary League.
Yes, thanks, Sarno! This is mine. I've debugged the problem and I know how to fix it: stop being an idiot. Sorry for making stupid question, that was my fault - I was /dnd.

wideblacksky, I'm against. I'd love to see honest opinions, but opinions in the internet are mostly paid or asked for. This would be exploited. Also it would have to be connected to POE login system (how else control if account is real?) and that's obviously impossible.

For now I would love to have real "report" function, but somebody would have to 1) check that 2) check complaints. So maybe just "ignore" with data saved as HTML5 storage with export option (simple list separated by comma - one would batch edit it easily). In POE trade companion I see "x removed by account filter" - is it a feature of poe.trade and POETC is reporting it, or it's just POETC feature?

Anyways I could make a bookmarklet which allows to ignore users. It would be local. Anybody interested? I can't promise if I'd do it in this week or in 3 months - I have a weird schedule, sorry. It would add icon near user name, which would remove all results from this user.

It would be better if it would be built in and basing on code quality, I assume it would be easy for author, but probably he don't want it or he don't have enough time.
By job: programmer and PC repair technician. By passion: photography and DIY movement. I'm glad when I can help! Feel free to ask me about PC/technical stuff.
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