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Completed 37 Challengesigas wrote:
shaped belfry map is not on the list for currency exchange

As well as Shaped Cage
Can u guys please add a blacklisting(by user for their own searches or serverside) feature to poe.trade please. I've been playing this game for just over a month, and been loving and using poe.trade along side for trading. I've just recently realized/learned that there are people out there that makes accounts just to "price fix" certain items. For example, if you do a quick search for tombfists or a Lightpoacher with 2 abyssal sockets, the first 5-10 listings are of 2 fresh accounts with 1 character "selling" the item at half the normal price.
0xF wrote:
Completed 37 Challengesigas wrote:
shaped belfry map is not on the list for currency exchange

As well as Shaped Cage

As well as Shaped Iceberg, wanted to sell mine, can't
You cannot search for cast on crit corrupted implicit on gloves/helms, putting it in just completely ignores that mod
Completed 4 ChallengesLeukon wrote:
Уже как недели полторы моих вещей не показывает вообще!
Already a week and a half of my things does not show at all!


Ну так может кто-то из заинтересованных личной мне ответит, куда или к кому мне обращаться? Это не дело же ведь!?
Well, can any of the interested personal answer me, where or to whom should I contact? It's not the same after all!?

А это https://ru.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Abyss/kawbynjho, для видимости моих продаж на официальном сайте......
And this https://ru.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Abyss/kawbynjho, for the sake of my sales on the official website ......
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This here fella

[Removed by Support]

is busy pricefixing on top div cards, as in setting a lower-than-market-average-price for multiple instances of one card (essentially washing down the list of people who legitimately sell) and not actually selling anything, i.e. ignoring DMs.

Could you maybe blacklist his account somehow? Probably won't fix the problem, as he will likely just make one more account, but will help temporarily.
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Exposed the jewels (in the open tab), open tab with Orbs to show how much is left. Still went through the built-in store put up orbs -
  silver coins. For several hours everything worked steadily, then the data ceased to be updated - orbs are already over, and they continue to spam me) I tried to disconnect all the tabs, log out for half an hour - does not help.

It update my online status - when i active dnd mode, i'm miss from search. same when i leave from game.

i checked the www.pathofexile.com/trade and it don't shows me on it.
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Hi fellas. Dynamic filtering? i.e select a type / base, and expose only mod options available to that type/base (ideally with other base options still present, just grayed out). Would add considerable value for the required implementation cost. (p.s. if this is OS, I can fork & contribute to this myself.)
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Completed 11 ChallengesMisterAL wrote:
When I open the site and make initial search for some item - evertything is fine.
But when I further change search criteria - I get this most of the time, if not all the time:


Browser is Firefox.
It may be connected with your Certificate. Some time ago there wa a popup notification it is not correctly set - seems the certificate if for the subomain status. only.

I am having this problem as well on Firefox. I had to add an exception but this pop up occurs some times. However, some times the search does work. Site hasn't been abandoned, has it?
Dear XYZ,

Why it doesn't have Unique map on http://currency.poe.trade/
There is just map and shaped maps.

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