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DonRoxon wrote:
Thanks for fast response, well thats weird before it didnt show a single item, yet still i have 5 public stashes for selling, with countless items...

You also appear to have a significant number of items available in Standard League;


My previous link was for Abyss League.

If you're having trouble finding your own items on poe.trade, could you perform a search and give me the URL in your address field? Then I'll be able to figure out why you're having problems. :)
IT would be really awesome if you could add "shaped cage map" to currency.poe.trade whenever you have the time :)
same for Shaped Arena Map
For people who experience issues using their control link to log into currency.poe.trade - try sending another message to @poexyzis account, that'll give you a new different link - try using that one and let me know if it works or if it is still broken for you.
The Essence of Horror boot mod "#% reduced elemental damage taken while not moving" is listed as "#% reduced elemental damage taken while stationary" on poe.trade, preventing searches for the mod. It would be great if you could fix this when you the chance - thanks!
Hi Alternate Art blood of corruption doesnt appear at search results when i turn Alternate art option on. I know there are at least 3 listed.
Hi guys, can someone tell me why i never get a sound when an item shows up on live search? Sometimes it does wenn poe.trade is in foreground, but never when i play and its in background. I'm using the actual Firefox browser. But i had this problem with Chrome too.
Hi I'm just curious when I search for energy shield chests the % of Energy Shield Regenerated per second isn't under the mods list. Do i need to do something different to get it or is it not implemented or am i stupid and just missing it? It even comes up as a ?? when i want to sort by it so i'm not sure how that should work.
Please make Filter Option to remove seller who have no stock or AFK (currency.poe.trade)
Need option for Shaped Belfry in currency section

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