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Not sure if this has been reported...

On HC Beta, trying to go to the currency "manage my shop" and add offers.
The page accepts the listed offers and show they are active for 24 hours, but when I search the offers are not listed.

I've waited about 2 hours, knowing that it takes some time to update. I've even tried turning off the "only online" option and its not even showing then.

Currency trading (edit: in beta) only works for people with premium stash tabs. This is used to detect your IGN. You need to create any public stash tab listing first, after it's been parsed by poe.trade and your IGN is detected, you can create listings via the currency website.

So if I understand this correctly... Are you thinking I created the shop listings before I had anything in a public tab? Because I am currently having no issues trading items listed in my public tabs. Those are all showing up. But the ratios I post for the Currency trades are not.

Would it make a difference if I had created the listings before switching the pub tabs on? I guess I could try removing all of my currency shop listings, then readding them...
Completed 9 Challengesxyz wrote:
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Are items and online status through public stash updated instantly?

Through Acquisition is there a delay in setting the online status and indexing the items from the shop?

I think the delay should be about 1-5 minutes for either.

I've had trouble updating the first week of 2.6 through Acquisition and Procurement (30+ mins at times), while friends using premium stashes were updating normally.
Does it have to do something with bumping the thread or both methods of indexing were delayed and i'm mistaken?

Edit: or maybe (reading the post above) the shops are indexed a few days after the league starts while public stash are as soon as it starts?
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Hi, can you please add the following mod (for Meginord's Vise gauntlets) :
"2% of Life Regenerated per second with at least 400 Strength"


Edit : And also the mods of new jewels like "Omen on the Wind", thank you !

Edit 2 : I just noticed we also miss a way to filter on "reduced Movement Speed" for example for "Winds of change". I suspect there's a ton of mods missing since 2.6, is it something you have in mind to check the whole set of uniques and update poe mods ? Thank you
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One suggestion (might not be the first time....)

- I would very much appreciate a seller filter to ignore some people´s offers. There are item flippers who literally sell certain items in huge amounts and take the whole page on poe.trade I´m looking at you, Husky Dingo, yes.

- another suggestion: Filter for legacy versions if possible in any way. Or implement a filter option that allows to sort up -and downward. At the moment, you can only sort for lowest price or highest stat. Sometimes it would be useful if you could also reverse that.
The "Manage Shop" option in beta doesnt seem to work. Or it is that I had my stuff in a currency tab (but still listed). Im not sure how it works but it seems bugged to me. Just letting you know.
Save Nessa! ;(
Hey, would it be possible to make it so that low level leaguestones DON'T appear on the currency.poe.trade listing?

I've listed several low level stones at an appropriate price (25% the market) and get spammed to all hell by people using the currency page which doesn't check level requirement on stone.
Whould be nice to have an option to filter away certain sellers.

some people is flooding poe trade with a certain item and put it up at all prices and never sell anything, just to troll people.

a good example:

try search for t10 and t11 maps in standard, there are like a million hits from the same person, who is always online, always afk and never sell a map. its annoying as hell
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Is there any chance you'd be able to add a comments parser (similar to what you have for currency) that allows sellers to list their items as having: prefix; suffix; both; none; open on them that shows up in the item description on poe.trade?

Please could you also add a "Keep Name Reset" button to the search page that resets everything but the search bar.
is there any way to change the monitor the browser notifications appear in to my second monitor?
Hi, some of flask mods didn't work (i can't find anything). http://poe.trade/search/tarinitotosuni

Also import item always returns 500 error.

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