0.10.0f Patch Notes

Great job guys. Just beat Vaal cruel on hardcore. Game is shaping up to be one of the best ARPGs ever. Don't let the problems get you down and keep working on this open BETA (is it really?!?! I guess my conceptions of beta have been killed by flaws of recently released games)
hi, everytime the launcher opens and keep dl the patch over and over, its keeps dl 0.10.0f everytime over and over, and im having graphical glitches after this new updates, im seeing icons and avatar misplaced and my inventory is a big mess, cant see my gems but its still there in sockets.
i didnt have any problems before this patch.

i have a MacBook Pro with Windows 7 installed.

Finally ^__^
Good work guys, can't wait for the next big build ;)
"Poor is the pupil that does not surpass his master" - Leonardo da Vinci
I love the effort you guys are putting into this.
All reps to Grinding Gear Games.

Just wanted to say that i have been getting alot of runtime errors almost everytime i play the game it happens when loading instances, and almost everytime its a differnt error.

idk if this is because of my computer being bad but just FYI
N1!!...go go go!...u r greats GGG!

pls: fix also secondary skills set bar!...we can't custom it...setting a skill on secondary or primary sets, overwrite each other!
Sorry bad engl. im italian ;)
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Keep up the good work :)
My son and I both played about 5 hours today and could not help feel performannce was was worse since the update. We both also had exesive loading times (loading the game taking a minute plus....zoning seemed a little slower though aceptable). We both play through the EU gateway fwiw. (different ISPs different cities). Gameplay was quite laggy in places, warehouse sewers and docks seemed particularly bad though that might be coincidence. Skeletons always stutter a bit the first time they are loaded in a zone (well have for me) ocasionaly today that was happening at other summon times.

I guess seeing as there are not any other reports it might just be perceptional bias. I really don't think so I'm pretty in tune with my computer, lord knows we spend enough time together! I will defrag the games data file and see if that helps thought to be honest it seems like several different things, lag to the gateway, odd pauses loading textures and general strain with particles (wich again seemed to struggle more). All the usual suspects! For us it went from acceptable but noticeable to marginal in places. Seemed worse for my son he died to being frozen numerous times. Sorry not a very precise post.
Great patch, when can we expect the next one?

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