0.10.0f Patch Notes

Good add, and great fixes!
Completed 1 ChallengeLo4f wrote:
Added more chaos resist nodes in areas other than witch

Great change! Keep up the good work.

where did you see this?
Need to do something about summoners... can't see a damn thing with a summoner in a group.
awww no goodie's for unarmed attack's. great job gettin crash's fixed up
any chance to fix the bug that prevents you from buying at the NPC from the stash?
It shames me to say I've never actually played with Weapon Switching. I remember when the game didn't have any, so my idea of PoE, so far, really doesn't need it.

Someday I'll get there...
I've quit. [Removed by Support] Keep supporting, folks.
Hooray more and more fixes, proud of you guys.
Thanks GGG!
Thx!!! great work!

i hope they fix the statues skin freeze and the problem in maps that makes big black squares in the ground randomly.
Small versions of items in your alternate weapon set are now shown alongside your active items.

I'm not intelligent enough to understand wth is this.
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