0.10.0f Patch Notes

Version 0.10.0f
  • Small versions of items in your alternate weapon set are now shown alongside your active items.
  • Fixed a common client crash that could occur when fighting trap-laying monsters.
  • Fixed a common client crash that could occur when fighting the Act Three boss.
  • Fixed a server crash related to removing equipped items.
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great fixes keep up the great work :D
Cool, keep up the great work.
Nifty :3
My Kiwi's name is Fluffy.
It eats souls and small children.
Don't fuck with Fluffy.
That piety crash was so annoying, thanks guys.
Pity there's no better visible targeting cursor yet :D
Keep up the good work!

"Is a man not entitled to shoot another man in the face? NOOOOO, Say's the man! Your face belongs to the government!"
Damn. Got all excited, read the notes ... O.O

Good stuff :D
GGG - Why you no?
Added more chaos resist nodes in areas other than witch

Great change! /reality distortion field

Keep up the good work.
Last edited by Lo4f on Feb 4, 2013, 1:44:00 AM
lost my lvl 72 templare on the peity crash!

o well, was kind of a bad build anyways.
ign = ultrahiangle

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