Cherrubim's Maleficence - Supporter's Unique Item Craft Retrospective

Hi, we’re Rosemarie and Andrew here, proud account member of BLÔW Guild, and today we’ll be sharing with you the design process behind Cherrubim’s Maleficence, unique Supporter crafted chest released in the 1.2.0 patch.

As gamers who fondly enjoys ARPG game genres, we’ve always fancy the memorable moment a unique loot drops after a slain boss or even from the ordinary monsters. Hence, the Eternal Supporter Pack was purchased, for Andrew’s birthday, to avail the opportunity in an earnest endeavour to create an item that would contribute to invigorating more unforgettable excitement for players, upon finding such amazing loot.

Designing an incredible unique item is honestly a rather tricky process. We were newly minted ‘crafters’, and weren’t able to arrive at something solid initially. We took some time, investing it in studying popular builds; examining other successful uniques; obtaining inspirations from different ARPG titles. After what seems ages, we arrive at something we both agreed was fun to play, we fell in love with Chaos damage. That time, Andrew also has a friend who founded one of the most fruitful range breakthrough play style in 1.0.5 – Blastrophe.

We gotten to discussing drafts with Blastrophe, and our original tenuously attempted draft is as follows:

  • (xx – xx)% increased Armour and Evasion
  • +(xx – xx) to maximum Life
  • 100% reduced Physical Damage
  • 50% Chance of Adding a Power Charge when you Kill an enemy
  • 100% increased Global Critical Strike Multiplier
  • Penetrates 30% Chaos

Nick, from GGG was our contact person for this project, and was kind enough to walk us through the design limitations, drawbacks and balancing, patiently educating us what can be done and whatnot. The original aforementioned draft was later rejected, due to its overpowering state however Nick made every efforts to accommodate our requests, some of which suggesting what can be kept and what needs to be discarded for balance. We were convinced with some of the recommendation, but also had high expectations on the item so there were numerous negotiations to push acceptance of our components. That didn’t worked out though, and we were back at square one, coming up with another blueprint that adheres to GGG’s guidelines, established communication, and that still didn’t went well. Rinse, and repeat again. This was a tedious exercise all over, and dissuaded several times.

Fortunately, nothing sweet can come out without going through the bitter. There were a total of 59 emails exchanges between Andrew and Blastrophe, and a total of 66 email communiques between us and GGG in approximately 6 months’ time. While it was tiring for both parties, we were still at high level of enthusiasm, and finally agreed unanimously at something outstanding.

Our concept remains, focused on Chaos damage play. Therefore, (n)% increased Chaos damage has to be in. This is the first element both sides agree it’s flavourful and opens to a variety of desirability. The artist – George, subsequently re-illustrated a new artwork suitable to meet the idea. 3 different drawings were on the table for decision:

Mouse over, and click each image for hi-res version.

We favourited the one on the far right, as it associate very much with the Chaos essence, where it’s organic in nature; thematically centers on poison, toxin, and chaotic degenerative motion. George then whipped up another update, to show more on the shape, details and symmetrical design:

Shortly later, George updated us in coloured version, and again choices to select, prior to adding the final touches:

Finally, the completed 2D version looked as such, with additional Chaos eyes onto the armour for a finer finishing. We were already delighted; George’s insanely talented!:

NB: The actual 3D art implementation (at a later date) will have subtle shimmering glow effect on each of the Chaos eyes, and light purple flames emanating from the armour piece(cancelled by GGG), for an impressive visual feel.

So next up, was to decide what else would fit into it, and we couldn’t more approved that principally an armour should provide firm defense, and squabbled what’s best to advance on. Fortuitously, Nick gave his opinion that the % increased Armour/Evasion, and +(n) to maximum Life can be affixed but value is dependence on the GGG’s balancing test results. It was very ambiguous again, at this stage. Nonetheless, we expressed ideally what we think would be a justified appeal, and surprisingly, we were extremely pleased with:

Now that all the earlier components are working well in unison, the left out part was some missing gap of survivability, which was a slower process of discovery. We were bursting with a list of ideas to fill this vacancy, and it clicked our mind when we noticed Chaos as a noun itself resonance correlation with the word ‘Corruption’. So we went on sifting the meta-changes on Sacrifice of the Vaal mini-expansion. After a period of time, we noticed we could make the life leech efficiency better, and intensify the usefulness of the item. Thus, following several testing and tweaking, the attached outcome was:

At this stage, GGG had already advised the armour is very effective and powerful as it is and no further mods are necessary without taking needful revisions that could mean putting setbacks or lowering the current stats down that will highly devalue the chest. Although we wanted to tinker more, we ceased and were content with it as it is – simple, clean, timeless, and absurdly phenomenal.

The flavour text was the most fun part, as it functions to us as platform to challenge creativity in place and where it also houses a minor credit. We wanted it to be a distinctive story that centers around one of our range character, Blastrophe (often known as Blast), and ultimately the wife’s name who has kindly purchased the pack which empowers this unique craft partnership. So with plentiful revisions, the final reads out:

Likewise with a wicked cool name that characterised the armour’s dramatic impression, matching PoE’s dark, gritty and realistic art style:

With that, our journey came to a closing. This is the confirmed item in its possible maximum stats:

FYI: We have kindly requested if it ever got implemented for race rewards, it must be under obtainable point system scale and not at 220, 360, 600 nor 1,000.

Despite all the dejection we felt along the process, we’re very elated with the end product and the experience is one we’ll cherish it with GGG. Would we recommend people to purchase this unique item craft collaboration? – Yes, definitely, but be very understanding that there are limitations to any ideas or desired frameworks, and GGG will provide their best consultation to meet your expectations. Would we work again with GGG in future for more unique crafts? – Absolutely, if granted the spare funds to do it once more – this time it’ll be with Ventor!

Thanks for reading, we sincerely hope you enjoyed so far as much as we had indulged in it. Wish you all the very best in finding it (we crave the same), and be spoiled with its spectacular potentials. Drop us some love, below. Cheers and best of RNG to you!

  • Chris Wilson – Extraordinary MD of GGG
  • George Lovesy – 2D artwork
  • Rory Rackham, Carl de Visser – Design
  • Nick – Project Coordinator
  • Rhys – Flavour Text
  • Mark2 a.k.a. Neon – Balance Testing
  • Jason, Henry, OTHER Rory – Quality Assurance
  • Samantha Wilson & Team – Undying Support
  • Charan – Inspiration, Support and Wise Words
  • Archwizard, Marquoz, DLRR, Sneakypaws, Isildria – Friendship and Humour
  • Blastrophe a.k.a. Bob – Friendship and Craft Partnership
  • Ventor – Friendship, Craft Advice, Trade Associate, and Future Craft Partnership
  • AXN1314 – Friendship and Trade Associate
  • Terrex – Friendship, and Race Tutor
  • ZiggyD - Insightful and Entertaining Streamer

(◕‿◕✿) Peace out. GLHF! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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  • xx―xx%の防御率と回避率アップ
  • ライフ最大値にプラスxx―xx
  • 100%のダメージ減
  • 敵を殺した時に50%パワーチャージ
  • 全体クリティカル乗数が100%の増加
  • カオス耐性を30%貫通









• 200%の防御率と回避率アップ
• ライフ最大値にプラス100


• ライフリーチ率の30%アップ



カオス末裔の処女 は、軽やかに、残酷に、そして美しく、生けるモノ全てを喰らう。







• 20%のダメージアップ
• 200%の防御率と回避率アップ
• ライフ最大値にプラス100
• ライフリーチ率の30%アップ

カオス末裔の処女 は、軽やかに、残酷に、そして美しく、生けるモノ全てを喰らう。






  • クリス・ウィルソン ー GGGの素晴らしいマネージング・ダイレクター
  • ジョージ・ラブシィ ー 2D アート
  • ローリー・ラッカム / カール・デ・ヴィサー ー デザイン
  • ニックー コーディネーター
  • ライズー テキスト
  • マーク2(ネオン) ー バランステスト
  • ジェイソン/ヘンリー/別のローリー ー 品質保証
  • サマンサ・ウィルソンと担当チーム ー 永続的なサポート
  • シャラン ー アイディア、サポート、アドバイスなど
  • アーチウィザード/マルコズ/DLRR/イスヅリャ/スニーキィポーズ ー ユ ーモア溢れる友達
  • ブラストロフ(ボブ) ー友達兼クラフトパートナー
  • ヴェンター ー 友達兼クラフトアドバイザー、トレード仲間、将来のクラフトパートナー
  • AXN1314 ー 友達兼トレード仲間
  • テレックス ー友達兼レースの師匠
  • ジッギD ー友達兼ビデオストリーマー

(◕‿◕✿) じゃ、またね. GLHF! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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I haven't even read this yet (except the first few lines) and I'm certain it'll be wonderful. Thank you, team NotACuckRoach!

And now I've read it... it's a wonderful design and the game is enriched with it. Congratulations!
Have you made a cool build using The Coming Calamity? Let me know!
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A really good synergy with Viper Strike and Bino's. Nicely done. I am however amased that such a good item has no actual backdraw.
Well done! =^[.]^=
=^[.]^= basic (happy/amused) cheetahmoticon: Whiskers/eye/tear-streak/nose/tear-streak/eye/
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ephetat wrote:
I haven't even read this yet (except the first few lines) and I'm certain it'll be wonderful. Thank you, team NotACuckRoach!

Thumbs up! ლ(╹◡╹ლ) Thanks for the love.
The Gemling Queen favours 'NotACuckRoach'.

Ethaereal │ Exaltreal │ Cherrubim │ Erremes │ Khainne │ Kaelous │ Balzael
Powered by 2015 Alienware 17" R2 laptop · Standard League · BLÔW Guild · Bird-Day - Aug 7, 2012
人生はただのゲームだ。楽しむために生きろ。勝利をつかむため遊べ。人生に勝ち、そして喜ぶために生きろ。o(^▽^)o ♪
Looks great I hope I will be able to find one!
Very nice item and would be perfect for a couple builds I'm thinking about making eventually. Any idea on how rare it will be?
Oh wow, this item is insanely good for any life high DPS build to increase their survivability - it also acts as a mini-Vaal Pact to help raise the boundaries of when reflect becomes a problem.

Do you have any information on the rarity of the item?
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Wow, thats a sexy chest and nice stats too.
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