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1 month league response to low player numbers?

There has been a long thread that poe is dead recently. Many people say that poe is not dead, but even those that blindly love poe cannot deny that player numbers have dropped drastically.

I was wondering if the decision to run a 1 month league in between the temp leagues is a decision motivated by the low player numbers.

I can imagine that GGG want to boost their microtransaction sales and player count. Also there must not have been a lot of income lately. There were no new supporter packs and a lot of players quitting until the new league start.
i use a secret account because i am a politician that doesnt want the NSA to know i play poe.
The game is built around races, and 4 month leagues. Most people myself included lose interest in the leagues about 1-2 months in.

The lack of players near the end, or at the end of the 4 month leagues isn't an indicator of a dying game. I guarantee you there is going to be 10x the amount of players come this weekend.

Don't play in standard leagues.
We play a game because we like it. We don't play the game because other people like it or don't. It doesn't matter to us. Quit acting like it's important.
Surely it's so that people who exclusively play temporary leagues to have something to do in-game til the next 4 month league.
OP: Where are you getting your numbers to claim that "cannot deny that player numbers have dropped drastically."

I'd sure love to see that. And don't tell me steam charts.

It may be, but I'm expecting a rise once new leagues come out. I think what we'll see is a steady drop to a certain range, where the numbers will fluctuate there with league ends and beginnings. Probably stay there for as long as PoE gets updates.

And yeah, GGG needs new supporter packs, they should cycle em more often, like every 4 month season, or biannually. I feel they would get more support that way.
There seems to be a lot of people playing atm. What do you base this on?

Seems like your pulling some shit out of your hat. Man you are not even trying :D Bad troll, bud.
iam pretty sure that tonight @ 2am hc will be full with ppl its the ultimative hc challenge

i dont care about legacy leagues

xxx has died
xxx has died
xxx has died

bring it on :)
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Lol this bad tongues fest :D

Here's solid data:

Amount of players going down slowly like any other game, nothing special to say about it, yet.
And then, we doubled it.
Lol this bad tongues fest :D

Here's solid data:

Amount of players going down slowly like any other game, nothing special to say about it, yet.

newsflash: steam numbers are a crock of shit. The majority of the posters on this forum (people who really do care about the game) don't play on steam.

solid data my ass

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