Anyone got free Mjolner lol?

Buy Nvidia Titan Z your rig is bad and you should feel bad.
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lol poor guy.
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Buy Nvidia Titan Z your rig is bad and you should feel bad.

Boy, do I!

Cyclone would be great if it didn't desync so god damn ALWAYS.
Free mjolner here. Just load up dota2 and wait in game for the gold to buy it from the shop.
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Hope nerf soon.
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Wish to see same vid on ele reflect map.
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Teridax wrote:

I dont know about boss speed but he just melted a dropbox map rogue exile in <1 second D:

That's actually fairy common with the new exiles. Their HP is quite low.
DirkAustin wrote:
I don't understand how he doesn't desync during that entire vid.. The SECOND I press the button for cyclone I'm desynced for 5-10 seconds, minimum. Don't understand.

Get better PC/connection. Its not always on GGGs end.

i got an monster of an rig and i desync like shit.
anyways, that build looks so sexy i want to have sex with that build.
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