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This is my first forum post so cheers!

Question regarding quad stash tabs, is it possible to implement a feature so that icons are downsized when in quad stash tabs?

I'm having trouble seeing where I'm putting stuff, more often than not swapping one item for another item while I'm just trying to fit an item in somewhere or regrouping stuff in the tab.

very minor thing, anyway, just bothers me sometimes, i paid for it you know :p

thanks to all of the PoE team and devs, you're awesome!
Hello this will be my only post unless there is another problem I experience multiple times on the game.

I just want to first say overall I really enjoy this gaming experience and the amount of content, I also find the monetization aspect of this game amazing.

My only gripe which really irritates me to no end is that in the leagues(the only type of game play I play) it is so incredibly difficult to level Zana, but her modifications to maps(especially nemisis) are incredibly important for the style of game play I enjoy. I highly suggest making breach mod and more importantly nemisis mod easier to get in leagues, getting to level 7 is hard enough/ a big enough time and currency sink for these 2 mods, getting to level 8 without spending 400 hours or 200ex is a real turn off.

That's my only gripe, I have spent money on the game, I have issues with other stuff but nothing worth complaining about because I appreciate the effort you put into the game. It's just this one thing.( I like killing big packs of monsters and trying to get the headhunter to play with)

Thanks, Will
Have a Great day!

If I have posted in the wrong forum for this I apologize...XD
The changes to berserker were good in my opinion but the only thing I'm missing is that I would like to see the berserker "1% increased attack damage per 1 rage" to change to "1% increased damage with attack skills" so that it also affects Explosive arrow's explosion and caustic arrow's damage over time cloud. I think that that may make especially explosive arrow a bit better comapred to the state it's currently in.
Can we get stats on the most duped items per week as well?
Hello, make please microtransaction Radiant Glacial cascade.
To Dev Team;
Whomever it may concern, I feel as though when a player disconnects and loses their map portals/Lab progress ect, This is a pretty low quality gameplay mechanic that I believe should be addressed in some way shape or form. Could we atleast get logged back into our hideout for maps at bare minimum with the ability to retain map portals from non-uniques or something?

Just a quick suggestion. Can you put a "close up shop" button in stash for those that have items for sale but do not want to tend there shop and want to play for a bit w/o getting harassed by ppl wanting to buy things. just a toggle button that takes all my tabs out of public then when im done just hit it again w/o having to redo all my prices. thanks much.
You can just /DND
Give us back the ability to 'pre-assign' passive points please that was just awesome !!!

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