Improving Communication: The Development Manifesto (Please Read First!)

Hype !
I would suggest some improvements for item filtering, and to find a proper place, I now at first (have to) suggest to make a development manifesto about this topic ^^

Item filtering:
I 'miss' some generic Classes: "Equipment" (Gloves, Boots, Helmet as a group), "Jewelry" (amulet, ring, belt as group); and it would be sometimes very handy to have a new parameter "ItemSize" which counts the inventory size that items use (explanation: ItemSize = 4 would cover 1x4 equal to 2x2 items). Obviously it should also be able to be used with > and <.
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another other useful(/needed) extension:

-wildcard/placeholder for socket colours (X,?,*) and (if not already implemented *) W for white sockets

(*) we need a better documentation! (I also miss an 'official', maintenend(!) list with all actual classes, and basetypes that are not obvious (things like talismans, currency, divination cards, fragments... and other things with specific names)
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Good day, dear developers. Why didn't you open sources of path of exile? I'm really amazed of poe since early 2013, and now, when I have some intermediate programmer skills I want to improve my favourite game by myself.
Thanks you for such a good game!
Servers going like shit today!!! great job GGG 4 maps rolled back THANX!
When will we, the players, gain the ability to turn off particles and or particle effects since we aren't allowed to do it ourselves... these last few patches have made the game nearly unplayable and aneurysm inducing :/
Is there somewhere in the forum we can put suggestions to improve the game?
Lichalfred wrote:
Even with extensive multi-boxing and trading, which me and MrPibadi have been performing, amassing 300 exa worth of currency is almost impossible in a single league.

Lol no its not. I started perandus 3 weeks late and still can make 4-5 ex per day if necessary just by trading. And that's qith missing out on the lucrative early league n period! I only get about 3 or 4 hours a day play time btw. You just need to play path of trading.

You don't need hundreds of exalts to enjoy the game. All but 4 or 5 of the 40ish builds I've ever made cost 5ex or less total.
Mirror Service Thread: (#1 phys bow: 728 pdps/+1 arrow/1.67 aps, #1 impale/ts gloves and helm, #1 Melee Staff [978 dps], #1 wicked ward shield, #1 aurabot ammy, #1 ES stygian, and more)
"Improving communication" must have something to do with no post in a year (almost).
Lord_Kamster wrote:
Great idea on bringing the manifesto back. This will make a lot of people more satisfied and less bitter with the game.

It has probably been mentioned countless times over, but I would really like to see a thread created regarding RNG. The main issue that has caused all of my friends and a lot of my previous guildies to leave isn't desync--it's the fact that good items hardly drop and crafting isn't viable. When a chest you want to use remains in your stash for 2 months because you can't 5-link it, it's really hard to not get discouraged and quit, in particular if you're just a casual player and not fully committed. I don't mean for 6Ls to be easy for everyone to get--they should require dedication. But something like an incremental percentage for success with every fusing could easily be implemented while not affecting much.

You guys are improving the experience for the non-masochistic players with things like checkpoints and more balanced bosses. I sincerely hope that this means there are plans to also address the RNG as a form of gating the user both from items and content (Atziri should be available to fight after maybe a few hours of farming fragments, not one week).

Also, can we please open a debate on your view of what "crafting" is? I don't mean in the sense of socketing/fusing/chroming, but in terms of creating items with stats. Now that I play Standard for example, I require very specific items in order to finish my build. But there is only ONE ring published on XYZ with the stats I need, the guy never logs on, and there's no possibility for me to even craft what I need. Crafting could really make this game so much better. There needs to be a way to enable the common player to do it. Look how fun it can be to yolo exalt in Descent Champions! Yet in the real game, I exalted just once, and cringed at the sacrifice. You guys really need to find a way around this, causing players to suffer due to RMT is not a solution.

Couldn't agree more, I used ALL CURRENCY on 6 socket carcass since day 2 od perandus, and play daily, get vorici 20 fuse deal nearly daily, over 2100 fuse used and no 6L... However around 35 5L on it... Well I use tabula... But I play since closed beta and in every league :-) can't stop :-)
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