Our first week of Open Beta

Congrats! Best wishes for PoE team :)
Good stuff and great work!
I wonder if the race events will attract more people than on peak times, the servers needs to be 100% IMO before races starts which can be hard if more people show up for these.
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FFA Loot = ninja fest = lots of swearing

IGN: NineteenEightyFourGO(current one), Polars, SirensOfTheSea, XenaLegenDaryPrincess
the game is fantastic keep up the good work and best luck in the future GGG
Best game, that I ever played. Congratilations!
Congratulations for a job well done!
For the first time in my gaming life, i feel personally connected and part of a game...and i'm proud! Awesome work GGG!
IGN: Gahrlaag
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Move de sync from de bathroom to de kitchen for better flow!
crisis solved.
You guys are AWESOME! TY so much for all your hard work! Keep it up :)
In other games - you get a cookie whether you win or lose. PoE not only takes your cookie and eats it in front of you, it slaps you upside the head a few times for bringing a cookie in the first place.
Items stashing could do alot better IMO :)
Thanks for the updates Chris, very excited for the races coming back. The other improvements are more than welcomed but I think you and the GGG team deserve a bit of leisure time so don't overwork yourselves.

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