Our first week of Open Beta

Thanks for the update! I'm playing on the European servers and have experienced these issues. But, in fairness the frequency has been massively reduced and random DCs are happening much less.....for me at least.

Is there cross-play between the American/European servers? Or what is the connection between the two used for? Seems strange to link the two so dependently.
Any plans for numpad + arrowkey binding fix?
love the job youre doing on this game. not just the game itself but the way youre supporting and solving problems.
im not worried about a few disconnects that i got while i was playing. i think most people realise that this game is still in beta and "there will be bugs"
keep up the good work :D
For hours of coop beta footage go to:
u are just too good to be true, and the game aswell :|)
This game is remarkably beautiful and fantastic for being Open Beta, everything is awesome.

I haven't personally had any disconnects but I haven't been playing much, gladly this can all be sorted out in Open Beta into actual Launch -- which I can't wait to see some sort of "Final" product of this game, as well as other things.
thanks for the update, please dont ever loose your connection to the community its one of the things that makes GGG so unique and amazing. you have our trust and the game is awesome
I´m glad the game is doing so well! Can´t wait for the events :D.
Congrats guys!

Been having a lot of fun playing PoE.
IGN : RocketRandom

PoE is THE BEST ARPG! Keep up the good work GGG
I have many disconnect issues. (America) Hope i can stay connected for ore than 10 minutes at a time soon. Awesome Game!

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