Our first week of Open Beta

Chris, have we mentioned how we love you?

I hope the player retention remains high. Looking forward to what is in store for 2013!
Lifetime Goals for PoE - Find a Mirror of Kalandra.

3.0 is a massive disappointment. Ascension tied to Lab is the worst thing GGG has done...apart from GGG's philosophy on Trading.Oh and Gambling Loot boxes.

I used to love GGG, now I just wish I could get my money back. -_-
Great work. I know a lot of people have had server instability issues but I haven't seen any of that. So for me, it was about as good a launch as possible.
I'm delighted. Thank you, GGG, for an amazing experience <3

Completed 7 ChallengesEleixar wrote:
Chris, have we mentioned how we love you?

+1 :)
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Merci pour ce jeu gigantesque !!!
Continuez ainsi et bon jeu a tous ! :)

really excited about this! keep up the good work!
new maps omg, GO GGG GO!
Thanks very much for the news. It is most encouraging that PoE has been so popular. The problems with server crashes are a problem of success, of demand exceeding supply - far better that than the other way around, sinking capital in hardware which is never used.

One small detail does sound as though it might be counter-productive, although perhaps I shouldn't comment until I've seen the new icons:

"Different icons for each gem so that they can be distinguished easily."

Does this mean that each skill gem will have its own icon?

The great advantage of the present limited range of icons is that you can see at once that this is a skill gem or support gem attuned to a particular stat. Mousing over it will provide all the details. You don't have the "What is that item?" problem with an unfamiliar icon.
Good job guys, keep it up !

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