Our first week of Open Beta

Love how the news update has become a GGG support thread =) they totally deserve it!

Chris let me know if you need more employee's to help with the new high demand, live in NZ.

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So far so good, looking forward to learning more about this game.
AWESOME GAME! the only things thats stopping most of my friends from getting hooked are the constant dc's and crashes, we live in Philippines btw.hope it gets better soon!
Truly outstanding job, G3. PoE is a phenomenal game. More than anything, I love their business model and I love you guys as a company. You guys seem legit and very straight-forward. I only donated $20 to start, but you can expect a steady stream in your direction. If I brought myself to spent $180/yr ($15/mo) on other games, you can expect to receive at least that much from me in the near future.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedicating yourselves to developing this masterpiece!

I have been absolutely stunned at how great this game is - especially considering it is still in open beta!

Great work GGG!
I've said this before and I'll say it again: We love you, GGG <3
glad to hear it's overall going well. love the game!
"900 runs Vol - 1 brittle emperor and 0 exalted orbs. that game best for slave. best for spend time."
a friend to me told me to try this game after i stop diablo p2win 3

after a few day i can say i just love this game really really good system and great idea (reset instance craft ect...)

maybe the music and animation could be better but seriously if the gameplay is good i dont care and i have lot a fun so thank you and keep up the good work

ps: sorry for my engrish iam french ....

ps2:if you change your mind and adopt a system like gw1/gw2 (pay the game free after) not a problem for me the game deserve it
Love the game so far, brings me back to the d2 days.

56 lighting Totem witch for the WIN!

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