Our first week of Open Beta

Nederlands? Voeg me toe: Tiems
I was hoping that background colors on items would appear as a new feature soon.
Looking forward to the patch though :)
This Game Is Great I Would Like To See The Quest Being Implemented More Clearly I Find It Tough Sometimes trying to figure out whats next in the game but thats the only issue for me i love that you guys have actual voice overs in the game and the fact that you guys are working so hard to keep up with us its appercated
Servers seem to be running smoothly, no disconnects all day. Excellent work guys!
If wishes were horses we'd all be eating steak.
a drop o' gold.
I hope you also post the new CCU numbers from this weekend. would like to know if the servers are stable now or the launch activity dropped abit under the critical mass
Wand's don't kill people, i kill people, with Wand's
Excellent work guys. Keep it :)
After the first few days, all other connectivity issues seem to be entirely local and predictable (fringe service, old lines, hate weather.... of any kind XD)

Here's to waiting for the "Our first month of Open Beta" and more good news :)

Devolving Wilds
“T, Sacrifice Devolving Wilds: Search your library for a basic land card and reveal it. Then shuffle your library.”
Best wishes! Keep up the good work :)
I love those who do not know how to live, except by going under, for they are those who cross over.
Keep up the awasome work guys!!!

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