Our first week of Open Beta

very good
is ggg earning money? just asking? would be nice if you could answer whit a yes chris.
See you in cutthroat!

...and if you have one beta key left, i have a many friends that are waiting to play PoE.
There are many more cosmetic effects coming to the microtransaction store in the near future. While we're prioritising development of core game features and content, a small group of developers are working on a constant stream of new microtransactions so that we can keep funding the game well into the future.

This is why I play this game, and support GGG. Well done loving the game.
love the game so far i can't wait to see what act 20 has in store... i may need to wait for that. you guys have done an amazing job, usually when i find a game i nitpick the crap out of it. iv joined 2 other open betas and have spammed the idea submission option in those games at least 20 times in the first week. your game, flawless (well exept for the flaws). somehow i really want to be apart of this. all i can recommend is once this game is out of beta you make an ingame purchasing system where you don't need to close the game and open a webpage to buy stuff and start mass marketing the game through steam online store. iv already recruited 4 steam friends and we love it. keep up the good work. 1 more idea. 3 new gems every month. just don't let us get bored k.

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JDWard wrote:
Thanks very much for the news. It is most encouraging that PoE has been so popular. The problems with server crashes are a problem of success, of demand exceeding supply - far better that than the other way around, sinking capital in hardware which is never used.

One small detail does sound as though it might be counter-productive, although perhaps I shouldn't comment until I've seen the new icons:

"Different icons for each gem so that they can be distinguished easily."

Does this mean that each skill gem will have its own icon?

The great advantage of the present limited range of icons is that you can see at once that this is a skill gem or support gem attuned to a particular stat. Mousing over it will provide all the details. You don't have the "What is that item?" problem with an unfamiliar icon.

I would guess that they have factored this into account. perhaps skill gems will have icons relating to their skills etched into the gem?
Speaking of leagues, race events will start soon!
Players who helped us test the Closed Beta will remember how much fun daily race events were. We're working on a busy schedule of events with new prize structures and hopefully some meta-prizes for players who do well in many different events over a season. The details of this are still being decided but we expect to unveil some early races in a variety of league formats within the next few days.

The races were pretty cool, but I have some suggestions for the next ones:

- PLEASE implement progression races. It gets a bit tiresome that every race ends with the top players farming a single area for upwards of an hour. That's far from the most exciting thing to play or watch. It's more interesting to see who can push the hardest to get the farthest into the content without dying.
- This is probably another old request but I might as well add to it: disable trading in solo races, at least short ones.
- Implement first boss kill rewards other than Hillock. It's actually a bit perplexing for me why there have never been rewards for killing Brutus/Merveil/Vaal Oversoul/etc first. Preparing for a boss in races is a big part of them, and seeing who can do it first would also add a very interesting element to them.

Other than those there's other interesting things that could be done with races. I heard of a last-man-standing race idea, where each area in the game has a timer to it, increasingly long the farther it is. Once the timer for an area runs out, anyone still in it is instantly killed.
Another cool idea is to somehow implement the end-game map modifiers into campaign areas (excepting ones that limit build options, such as no-regen and blood magic, or stuff that would screw people over too much like Temporal Chains). For each party/player you would only be able to create new instances of an area every so often to prevent people rerolling until they got easy mods without penalty. Maybe call it Chaos mode.

Either way still excited for race events to come.
EU region is nearly unplayable during peak hours.. :(

The game itself is absolutely stunning and awesome experience and i am loving it since closed beta.

Waiting for the latency and "desync" issues to be fixed. Right now at the time of writing this post the game is unplayabe @ Cruel even due a single snake type mob destroys me due the mob being impossible to hit.
IGN: TntmaxyMarauderTwo
Gateway: Europe
Usual playtime: Weekdays: GMT 20:00 - 24:00 | Weekend: random
Great game - I love it!
Keep it running
POE...thanks for this great game....
thanks to http://poe.xyz.is/
great job guys ..
i love the game ..
way to go and good luck.

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