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Tipherith wrote:
Icetomb -no more chill. free chill aura on myself or animate weapon or animate guardian ..ohhh yeah I could dig that.....

and hey enemies break apart so no worries about summoners or detonators. haha

I can add damage by aura's and at that speed. not to mention I'd be easy enough to link a skill add chaos dmg and that speed+multistrike..ohh yesss

Just like righteous fire ignites you whatever your items or passives, you get chilled anyway by this item. That was the idea anyway. The weapon has still a decent attack speed, but spells or other weapons will be slowed down by 30%.

And yes the shatter is nice against the summoners or detonators. The chill on the enemies works only for close ranged enemies and functiones as a cheap slow down curse. That will be the only 2 real benefits from this item.

A fast 2.0 sword still will dominate DPS wise for shredder builds.

Animate weapon or guardian consumes the item so, I don't think that would be a good idea. Summoned creatures do not inherit the chill status effects.
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Ok here is mine. It also has an hidden Explicit mod ;)
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i dont really care about balance or whatever just having fun.is this weapon unbalanced?XD

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Armor support has now been added!

You can generate armors and shields!

Nvm solved :)

And here it is, i hope :D

Epic lol, thx dude was fun to do this.
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Hopefully balanced helmet for Dischargers or other Voll's Protector users

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Nice, makes me want to play some D2 actually, since you can edit items in single player :)
Alright, I'm probably gonna make a fool of myself but how do I copy this image? There is no such option as "save as" or "copy image". Could anyone give me a hint? I use Firefox.

Well, but here it is.


There should be "leeched as life", forgot to add it. And "disorder", of course. Damn typos.

Does this claw make any sense to you guys?
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When i seen the unset ring at patch notes i really hoped we had a unique similar to this. unfortunately we got voideye
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