PoE Unique Item Generator - Create your own unique item

I took the challenge yesterday to create the PoE item generator.

Ladies and gents, I present to you fully customizable item generator.


I have decided to not add "item image" field. If you create a cool item which devs will like, let designers handle the artwork :-)


Flavour text - before you point this out, I know that it would be great if the input would support line breaking for writing those minipoems like in Thief's Torment. Will work on it soon.

I hope you will have fun! Enjoy and share your items!

//Will be enhanced to work with jewellery/armors in few days

2014-04-02 // Added possibility to add linebreak to flavour text. Str/dex/int now disappear when input value is empty.

2014-04-02 // Late night // Added jewellery generator!


2014-04-03 // Armor/shield added
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Very well done :)
could be really helpful if you want to create your own items ^^
IGN: Terralax
This is awesome!
bump, bc it is just what i needed for a long time! :D
IGN: bambucha
I'll Take a Potato Chip and EAT IT!
cool. thanks.
IGN: lVlage (96 Witch)
merp merp
So, how do I transfer the generated items to my character?
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f3rret wrote:
So, how do I transfer the generated items to my character?

Ask Chris :D
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Flavour text line breaking added!

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