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I like it :D
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This is fun :)
would love to make a bow... but not supported yet
Completed 9 ChallengesShinwa wrote:
would love to make a bow... but not supported yet

Ahhh you are right, forgot to add Bow class...made a quick update, you can choose Bow from dropdown now!
Wow! Just what my shrink said I needed to improve my outlook for PoE. Well done!
"You've got to grind, grind, grind at that grindstone..."
No joy in Mudville... no joy in Wraeclast.
You go Quill Rain for CoC :D ? Not NOW:

Crack Pipe
Unset ring

Destroys Socketed Gem on Use
Automatically sockets and binds to RMB skill gems picked up off the ground
Socketed gems have 10% more damage for each level/quality
Applies buff for 50% physical/Chaos/All Elemental damage reduction for 10 sec
Currency cannot drop while equipped
Cannot talk to NPCs while Equiped
All items displayed by others in trade window appear as random uniques
Cannot be Unequipped
Item/Socketed gems have no level or stat requirements
Gives character "No gag-reflex" dance micro-transaction

Pretty fun. Looking forward to making other gear too.
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We all know this item exists, even if none of us have it :P

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