Mivo wrote:
As mentioned, the build isn't very optimized, like those five points in the Scion start area, including mana regeneration for a BM build. These points can be used to optimize the connection in the Templar area, which then allows you to grab Elementalist and Celestial Walker (and that frees up the 30 INT). There are some other tweaks I'd make, but those were the ones that stood out. It's easy to get the Shamanistic Fury totem cluster too, if you connect differently, without losing anything.

Also, the build is based on the idea by Moribundus, who should probably get credit for it. :)

Elementalist and celestial walker does not add to flame totem damage if you look at the tooltip. ' fire ,projectile , totem , spell ,duration.

By going to scion start area, you get the 30 intel. this build is based on 170intel from skill points as i mentioned in my post that one of the big disadvantages is having low intel and thus unable to use certain wands for the build. with 140intel. you will need 20-30 intel just from your gear.
To get the shamanistic fury totem cluster - it will take 4 nodes for 16spell dmgs,4% cast speed 20 intel. taking the path of the savant = 5nodes. 16 spell dmg , 9% cast speed and 20 intel which is much more effective issnt it so?

I have not seen the post before as im not a reddit user but i will check it out for sure =)

Edit : i have checked the post , skill tree dont seem to be working.
I believe the basic idea to be similar so yeah! kudos to him.
I would not agree with searing touch as well, reasons mentioned below.
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Hexogen wrote:
i also playing MF dual flame totem , best catch with 5L searing touch, with IIR 200/IIQ 120, prefer farming piety because lvling up gems too.. so far easiest solo MF build, with Life of course

hmm i wouldnt suggest searing touch other than levelling as the burn damage does not really help with flaming totem. ( casts multiple times per second instead of one big hit )

With a perfect searing touch u get 50% increased spell , 40% fire dmg 70% increased burning 10% increased cast speed +2 fire gems .

With dual wand u can get up to 200% spell dmg , 40% cast speed , faster projectile 80% which u can take out faster projectile gem after, i have not included fire damage as well nor any other useful suffix like + resist or whatsoever.

The moement i changed from searing touch to the current 2 wands im using my dps jumped almost 40%. If you want i can attach my searing touch and show you the difference in the dps tool tip.
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thanks for all the feedback guys, really appreciate it by the way. i started this build just to troll in pvp with knockback but didnt expect it to work at higher levels actually =P
Assmucus wrote:
Elementalist and celestial walker does not add to flame totem damage if you look at the tooltip. ' fire ,projectile , totem , spell ,duration.

Both work with Fire Totem.

In PoE, elemental damage is everything that does cold, fire, and lightning damage. "Increases elemental damage" applies to all kinds of elemental damage, including spells, unless explicitly noted otherwise.

For example, Detonate Dead does not list "spell", so spell damage does not apply. It does list "fire", so "increases elemental damage" does apply. The counter example is Ethereal Knives, which only lists "spell", so "increase elemental damage" does not apply.

Fire Totem benefits from both increased spell damage and increased elemental damage (it lists both "fire" and "spell" in the tooltip. And I spent a refund point to verify that this is true. :p
oo my bad than. let me test it out ^^
you'r right. Removed 6 nodes.total - 9% cast speed. 50 intel . 16% spell dmg

Added 6 nodes - 52 intel - 24% ele dmg ( which is almost half lower added total dmg than 9% cast 16%spell dmg ) 12% all resist though which i feel is more important.

Will update tree. Thanks!
The build looks closer to my own now, so of course I agree with the changes. :p (Mine's only 73, though, and I have some concerns about 76, 77 and 78 maps, but we'll both get there eventually!)

Yes, I think the resists are a good trade-off and gives more flexibility with gear. I had tried a more traditional FT build first in HC (died at 71) before Ammbush started, and then I saw the Reddit post and planned a BM build for Ambush because using BM made sense in light of the obscene mana costs. I do have some concerns about survivability on 76+ maps, but the only way to find out is to try it! My original plan was to get high armor, but that doesn't work. So it's 78 res/all and the life reg.
I'm 79 in standard but I rerolled for ambush now at lvl76. Canit wait to lvl my gems to 20/20 as there is like 30% casting speed more. You can post ur build n gear here if u like. The more heads we have the better we can build XD

what is your build/gear atm? mind linking?
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Just started a ST scion on the new league, but i dont like it very much. I m goona try your build now. Just one question: is this the updated skill tree? In which order should i go on the skill tree?
I would suggest going to the left. If u have a flame totem gem, you can take ancestral bonds and blood magic once you are at lvl31. If you do not have added chaos gem you can use added light gem till u get from quest cruel act3 fixture of fate. And welcome to the club of flame totems!

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