Emergency Downtime - FIXED

Good luck, man. I hope y'all manage to work everything out! I am really enjoying the game thus far & am glad that I found it. I look forward to the direction that it heads in the future. Thanks for all that you guys do.
No can do. Good luck with fixing!
[quote]I will update this post as we go - it shouldn't be too long![/quote]

Here is a rough ETA for those who will now bombard this topic with such questions.

Now lets all take a step back away from PoE (it's hard, I know). But they made this decision based on feedback and it is a literal emergency. Be glad they are doing something and communicating about it. Not let it sit and fester to only become worse.

Plus! Congratulations for getting so many people to bombard your game. On top of the DDOS attacks you really have shown that your game is what the people want.
I like the honesty of having this post on the front page... but it might be bad for business =X.
Any issue with the store? Trying to buy points but keep getting errors.
Amazing? this game is awesome and you know it. The more people that find out about it, the more will want to try it out. 10 million copies of d3 sold, suppose 1% of that want to try out PoE ?

Thanks for the fast updates!
Buy the ticket, take the ride.
Sucks about the crashes, but it's great to see that PoE is so popular!
FOR WHAT DO I PAY MONEY!?Oh wait.........

No biggy GGG. :)
I'm still waiting for my reply to setup my diamond pack payment plan that I contact support about a few hours before OB happened... trying to give you guys money which you could use to get better/more servers. ;)

Donate people, buy stuff in the cash shop. I see nothing but population raising over the next few months for this game.

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