Emergency Downtime - FIXED

I'm glad you caught this early and turned the servers off. Take your time GGG you are doing a great job.
Glad to see the game being so popular bodes well for the future of the game. Thanks for the timely updates can't wait for the servers to come back up.
I hope that if any accounts were compromised it can be tracked and restored.
Keep up the good work
its been an amazing launch so far, take care of the babies we can regroup to hammer them >:D
~SotW HC Guild~

Well if you wouldn't have made it so damn addictive!
I'm glad servers are down :P
I was playing "waypoint race" all day long, its this new game I invented in which you race to the next waypoint and if you get there before the server crashes you get to save your progress XD
Thanks for the fast updates, both here and on twitter. Keep up the great work, this only shows how awesome this game truly is. :)
In the words of Emperor Palpatine (sp?), "Do what must be done."

Thank you for all the hard work, and especially the transparency of the issues at hand. This is so refreshing after other online game experiences! :D
If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate.
No worries it happens, you guys have a great game and people wanna play it. Take your time.

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