Emergency Downtime - FIXED

It's all good! I have been enjoying everything so far. Just get the stability together. Thanks GGG!
Although the crashes are irritating, it's good to hear that you have shitload of players.
A true PoE has descended and it is glorious indeed! All hail Pillars of Eternity, the best CRPG since BG2 and PT.
I miss the recent closed beta, far less lag/extreme DC's..
IGN IrHCMF (Nem), Skolvadir (Dom)
Keep up the good work guys!
Fourier - Level 41 Templar (Hardcore League)
FourierII - Level 55 Duelist (Hardcore League)
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Love you Chriss! Keep up the good work!
Good Luck!
No problems guy, good luck finding the problems...

Time to get out of the cave and see the sun =)
I'm a n00b, because always I have something to learn
Wise words buff -> balance <- nerf , need to happen , deal with it
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[quote="CharanJaydemyr"]If your build is worth nerfing, you have Won the Game.[/quote]
Thanks for letting us know what's happening so promptly, if anything I'm glad there is such an overwhelming amount of interest in PoE!
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Will be right back on once the servers are back up
Time to make a quick LoL game until it comes back!

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