Emergency Downtime - FIXED

It's all good! I have been enjoying everything so far. Just get the stability together. Thanks GGG!
Although the crashes are irritating, it's good to hear that you have shitload of players.
„I don't give a fuck if it was his tenth anniversary with his goddamn neckbeard...“
„If they think I'm going to let them sweep this pizza guy thing under the rug...“
No mod action. Business as usual.
I miss the recent closed beta, far less lag/extreme DC's..
IGN IrHCMF (Nem), Skolvadir (Dom)
Keep up the good work guys!
Fourier - Level 41 Templar (Hardcore League)
FourierII - Level 55 Duelist (Hardcore League)
HC Ladder Rank: 7
Love you Chriss! Keep up the good work!
Good Luck!
No problems guy, good luck finding the problems...

Time to get out of the cave and see the sun =)
Wise words buff -> balance <- nerf , need to happen , deal with it
Thanks for letting us know what's happening so promptly, if anything I'm glad there is such an overwhelming amount of interest in PoE!
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Will be right back on once the servers are back up
Time to make a quick LoL game until it comes back!

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