Emergency Downtime - FIXED

I am here for the quick response mad from GGG
please hurry im usin the game to quit smoking this weekend and its working
No worries guys!
IGN Zeitgeist
Keep up the good work Chris!

You may want to put the definition of the word 'beta' on the log-in screen. It appears a lot of these children crying don't understand this particular 4 letter word!

IGN: CaptainTrips (Perandus)
Hope you get the servers running soon, i wanna play so bad!
What a good problem to have :D
People of this world are just too eager to play this wonderful game that is POE! Hope it gets fixed soon:)
Thanks for the hard work!
Lvl 58 Power Siphon Witch
I'm glad that this game have Admins that actually keep us updated.
Last edited by Havoc_Skies on Jan 27, 2013 5:03:24 PM
this was definitely the smart option. It's only beta people can wait

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