How to Help New Players. My attempt to help PoE begginers (CURRENTLY CLOSED!)

Hi can I have the wanderlust boots?I kinda need it in the build that im following but I don't have chaos.I would greatly appreciate it if you give it to me :) thanks man :) my ign is AElifur
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Hi there, first let me say as a rather new player I am enjoying your guides very much and thank you for your time and efforts. Next I would like to please ask if I might get the Infernal Mantel Occultist Vestment. I have a lvl 32 Fire witch that will be able to make great use of this soon.

I can be found online as NyghtGloom, NyghtPyxz or NyghtTerror

Thank you very much

good guides and nice idear with the give aways.

If noone else was intrested in i would be in the Brightbeak Warhammer.

I got several lower level characters, none sofar in the endgame content. My highest level character is my lvl 56 Marauder which is currently stuck before Allflame due to survivability issues. The Axe would be for a respec of my shadow which i am planning out atm. That one is lvl 29 and he will specialise on Attack Speed :)
Hey I really liked your Facebreaker duelist build but im still missing a few parts, I was just wondering if I could have the Crest of Perendus Pine shield. I would appreciate it alot but I will be trying to farm as much of the parts as possible.
I'll be honest, at the moment, I really have no idea what I'm doing or what my objective is for end-game. My current build and highest level character is a lvl 43 Arc Witch (following a build). I'm coming from the Reddit Diablo 2 server after playing for 2 years, but I've been looking for a much needed change. I guess what I'm really looking for a is a fun, solo, MFing build, but I have no idea what to look for in the mass of builds that are on here. If you could guide me, or at least point me in the right direction, and maybe even help me get started, it would be VERY much appreciated! If you are online, let me know :)

Best regards,
Hello KorgothBG,

I've been reading your guides (Numerous numbers) as well as watching videos. I'm a new player tough I played in alpha/beta but only got to second act ever. Well GF got me into the game (looking for something we can play together) and she got a witch to level 32 and third act with zero help. So I decided to join her seeing her dedication.

We now both have lvl 16 characters almost done with first act. So Needless to say im only level 16 but following your Facebreaker build. I found myself a facebreaker today due to her giving me a chaos orb on the witch. With that being said I would love the Crest of Perandus. Would get me set up for future Duelist Facebreaking.

I know I already have the facebreaker and me wanting the shield may be a bit much. But thought I'd ask anyways.

Thank you!

Broddr Ha'konsson (Ingame Spykoss of course)
Hi, I just started playing two weeks ago. I like your guides. Great game, too, I'm having a lot of fun.

I have two characters, a level 50 shadow that's in act 3 in cruel, and a level 55 duelist that is in act 1 in merciless. I started as a shadow, then realized duelist is what I really wanted to play, so I started over. I might still play the shadow sometime, but I'm going to mostly focus on the duelist.

I noticed that when I got to merciless... it suddenly got HARD! LOL.. guess I should have expected that...

Not really sure what I need. Someone gave me some nice gloves and a nice weapon.. and I got a great chest to drop... my boots have good resists on them... Maybe a belt or necklace or rings?

I play in Torment, and you are only in standard, right? So unless you play in Torment league, I'm out of luck. But eventually, torment will end and characters will get transferred to standard, so maybe I'll see you then.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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