How to Help New Players. My attempt to help PoE begginers (CURRENTLY CLOSED!)

Hey, I was wanting to try a build the requires Quill Rain, could I get the 3-link quill rain?
Hi, i would love to have cloak of defiance. I'll add u as friend ( my nick: Keawet ).
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Hey! Can I please get the Quill Rain? It would help me on my bowman shadow. Thanks!
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Hey Korgoth,
thanks for this great idea and help!
Could I please get the Blood Dance Boots? They would be great on my frenzy-ranger.

ig Golodion
Hey! Great idea!
I want to apply for Karui Ward :)
Thanks a lot!

I'd love those Shavronne pace boots! I'll try to add you, my acc name is Trollblod :)
Hi! I love your guides, please also help me. I have a duelist level 10 please give me a good item! thanks! my acc name is Jintalman.
Hey! I'm loving your builds; finally feel safe playing a 2H build as opposed to tanky sword/board with terrible DPS.

I'm going to spec into your flicker strike build to level a piety runner, but I'm lacking a pair of blood dance boots.

They'd help tremendously!

Thanks for all your hard work!

In game name is Rsterner.
Ah but i've gave them away already. Everything that is not "verifite" is already given away.
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
Hey mang,

I just just started PoE, have a lvl 8 (I know you said minimum, but I will hit that very soon no worries there) duelist and would greatly appreciate any good duelist gear.

Whisper or add me anytime, thanks.

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