0.10.0c Patch Notes

GGG rocks ;)

I don't know this will help , but I usually get disconnect when I open my stash or use my party friend's portal.Somethings might wrong with the stash and teleport packets that server receive.I didn't event play this version yet so I'm not sure that this disconnects still happening , but if it's I suggest you to focus on that parts :)
No rest for the Wicked!! Thanks Alot!!
You guys are awesome! Thanks again for all the hard work!
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Alright, gonna try Act 3 boss fight, hopefully I don't crash this time.
Not QQ'ing, just FYI: not sure if it's only me, but patch 0.10.0C made my FPS plummet severely. Dropped from 50-60 to 15-20. Nothing changed on my end.
still getting kicked like before, every 10-20 mins. to me, nothing differs from before...
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k, this is a beginning. fixing this next would be much appreciated by many of us!

--> http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/73649/page/1
from 0.10.0 patch notes: "Fixed a bug where you could add Piety to your friends list." xD
Good stuff!

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