0.10.0c Patch Notes

*puppy eyes* Can I please have some more sir?

Honestly though I am really debating whether to buy the weapon enchantments or not. I love the acid and emerald one and the fiery helm effect. Problem is that I am saving up for a new gaming PC and really can't afford to spend more money. I already wasted it on others things enough, sorry guys, maybe next time. Love the game. Great stuff. Keep it up.
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Good JOB TYVM ^^
Hm... I also crashed on the Vaal fight. Thankfully just in time to kill him.
Isn't this the 3rd time, obviously including CB, that Shield Charge specifically has been bugged to cause server crashes?
Thanks for the quick work... unfortunately, still some bugs to swat, server keeps crashing :-/
Having a blast though!
Cool, keep up the good work.
Thanks as always for patching the game and open these posts.

Keep the good work!
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Good Job!
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I'm sorry. I'm not one to complain but after I updated to the C version my mini maps will not load. I Love the work you guys have done with this game it's 10000x better what i could ever imagine but if you do know a fix for this please let me know
What is a staff14/staff15?

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