The Four 1.0.6 Summoner Skills

Desecrate sounds pretty sweet. I was actually pretty interested in the Doom skulls when I saw the preview video; I might have to roll up a summoner, finally. :)
Devolving Wilds
“T, Sacrifice Devolving Wilds: Search your library for a basic land card and reveal it. Then shuffle your library.”
inb4 mass summoner rerolls
Let me bend your ear for a moment
Very good

maybe summs will stop being ass during levelling
Desecrate + Searing Bond. I'm on it.
i like it a lot.
rewarding more buffs for active play.

definitely will enhance the summoner experience! may even roll one next 4month!
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I'm going to need more gem slots.

I may also have to reconsider using Hatred, though I'm not sure how viable spells empowering minions by using corpses will be.

After all, if there are many corpses, I've most likely already finished the fight.
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wait... what? no animate guardian buffs? my quality gem is collecting dust.
Duelist is kylo ren -_-

oh cmon. Summoner will be so much op now.
Every skill exept flaming skull into one 4link with increased duration... doesnt seem to take many slots to get these new things into summoner build... maby summoners stop whining about snapshotting and COD now. I really hate playing summoner but that desecrate seems like something i might try to add on cast on damage taken setup.
Awesome, freeze builds will get booted instantly from pugs just like culling does to pave the way for god mf summoners.

but on a serious note, will we see improvements to elemental damage in 1.0.6 or 1.1?
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