The Four 1.0.6 Summoner Skills

Okay, this makes me want to roll a summoner now, but I have a couple of questions regarding each skill.

Summon Raging Spirit
- Will this skill have the melee tag or not? Kinda hoping it does as it seems it can be a great source of damage. Also, is there a limit to how many u can summon?

- Is it stackable, that's all the information we need.

Flesh Offering
- Judging by the description, it's a continuous effect. Is it like an active buff, similar to how Blood Rage works, activate it once, and it continues until no corpses are left? And I know it says all minions, but it feels like it's only going to be minions around the corpse or yourself. Confirm please?

Bone Offering
- Same as above.
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hoping that Desecrate can stack. anyway Well Playid GGGGG
Desecrate look's fun as hell! :O
These sound really nice.
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Can these consume zombie corpses?
Time to restart a new summoner!

I like the idea of short lived minions. Played Minion Instability summoner as my 1st char and got bored. I didn't like them aggroing random mobs as opposed to me deciding who to aggro 1st. Or
when they mozy on to whoever they feel like without my commands lol.

I can see myself playing much differently with these, Awesome!
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sweet cant wait to mess around with these !
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On one hand I'm excited for the summoner with these new skills. On the other hand all I can think about is how GGG will probably use the new skills as a reason to not buff animate guardian. AG will probably just remain unused or as a leer cast utility.
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Flesh/Bone Offering seem very interesting. With Bone Offering granting minions block chance for attacks/spells, will there be any changes to how Necromantic Aegis applies the shield's block chance to minions? My current understanding is that block chance does NOT get applied.

Your understanding is wrong. In the case of Necromantic Aegis, all bonuses really means all, including block chance.

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