The Four 1.0.6 Summoner Skills

As you may know, next week's 1.0.6 content update is summoner-themed and includes four new active skill gems. While we'll be showing them in the patch video next Monday, they're ready enough for us to announce what they specifically do. Today's news post consists of the current skill descriptions as seen on the gems themselves.

Summon Raging Spirit: Summons a short-lived flaming skull that rushes at nearby enemies and attacks them rapidly. Enemies cannot directly engage these spirits and can pass through them.

Desecrate: Desecrates the ground, summoning corpses and dealing chaos damage to all enemies in the area.

Flesh Offering: Consumes a corpse, temporarily empowering your minions with swiftness (attack, cast and movement speed). The skill consumes other nearby corpses, increasing the duration for each corpse consumed.

Bone Offering: Consumes a corpse, temporarily granting all of your minions the power to block both attacks and spells. The skill consumes other nearby corpses, increasing the duration for each corpse consumed.
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Completed 15 ChallengesReprisal35 wrote:
Summon Raging Spirit
- Will this skill have the melee tag or not? Kinda hoping it does as it seems it can be a great source of damage. Also, is there a limit to how many u can summon?

The current version is supportable by almost all melee supports, including Multistrike and Melee Splash, similar to Raised Zombies. There is no limit on the number of Raging Spirits that can be active at once.

Completed 15 ChallengesReprisal35 wrote:
- Is it stackable, that's all the information we need.

It currently is not stackable, as on other ground effects.

Completed 15 ChallengesReprisal35 wrote:
Flesh Offering
- Judging by the description, it's a continuous effect. Is it like an active buff, similar to how Blood Rage works, activate it once, and it continues until no corpses are left? And I know it says all minions, but it feels like it's only going to be minions around the corpse or yourself. Confirm please?

The current version instantly consumes corpses near the targeted corpse, and the number of corpses consumed increases the duration of the effect. The effect applies to all of your minions, even those created after the skill was used, and regardless of how far they or you are from where the Offering was cast. The effect has a relatively short duration, but is very powerful.

This is just the current state of these skills; It is entirely possible that some of these factors will change before you see them next!
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Completed 11 ChallengesBobRawr wrote:
Will the corpses summoned by Desecrate interact with Detonate Dead? If so how is the max life of the summoned corpses determined?

The corpses are based on the level of your Desecrate skill, though can't go too far above the area level. It'd be roughly equivalent to the life of non-magic monsters of that level.

Completed 11 ChallengesBobRawr wrote:
On another note, Will there now be a Desecrate spell and a Desecrated Ground effect from items in the game? Or will desecrated ground be changed?

Desecrate ground has a new effect, and has been changed in how it does damage to a flat value. We'll have more information on this available soon!
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Completed 25 ChallengesMenacetech wrote:
Tried searching and combing this thread but no luck....

Can anyone clarify what this raging spirit damage scales with? Melee weapons? Spell damage? Elemental Damage? Physical?

Appreciate it.

The Raging Spirit is a minion, so has its own base set of damage that is affected by Minion Damage and any connected supports. Having faster Cast Speed effectively increases the damage, as you can have more raging spirits spawned per second.
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