The Four 1.0.6 Summoner Skills

So when will spellcaster using intelligence based blue skill gems be viable again? Flameblast, storm call, freeze pulse, spark, fire storm, arc, lightning trap, fireball, ice spear etc all sucks. When will caster being so far away from life nodes and energy so nerfed, dps so low compared to physical damage, intelligence which don't adds to dps and survivability, poor itemlization of caster gears, rooting of spellcasting, high mana cost to use skills, no aura that boost dps, poor support gems for spell casting.....when will any of these gets fixed? When will spell casting be viable again?
9_6 wrote:

I also don't wanna annoy everyone by spamming my 5 billion summons everywhere and would much rather only have a few, strong ones.

Oh and what will you do to make the "summoner skills" that require you to destroy a weapon anything other than a bad joke?
All summoners will now still run around with zombies and skeletons cause there is just no substitute for them whatsoever.
That homing fireball barely counts as a summon and I am disappointed that this is the best you could come up with.

i agree with everything said here. especially the part about stronger tank summons. there really is not a tank out there that u dont have to worry about. there really is a need for some summons to have inherent block chance.

animate guardian needs 40% block.

gorilla necro that leeches life on block and frenzies allies. 30% block

except the raging spirit is supposedly works with summon passives and spell passives. which is kind of refreshing but if it doesnt crit its useless.
[quote="Mark_GGG"]damage modifiers don't can currently can't apply to degen.[/quote]
"Getting all life nods on passive tree should give additional survival, not the mandatory basic survival."
Is there a limit to how many corpses I can make with Desecrate? What happens if I put a weight on the keyboard and leave for the day?
Berek's Grip Ice Spear
Budget Magicfind and/or Hardcore Flame Totem

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