SHARP's CI Immortal / Simply OP for all maps (37k+ DPS)+vids / Fully updated for 1.1SotV

again another sneak from the same person..

totally ignored and reported to GGG...

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test runs with Cyclone skill:
- Dominus at Merciless done
- Two 73 and two 74 maps done
- 74 Map Dominus done
- now testing all 75 Map Bosses *** if possible a video for all bosses will be on air :)

Why cyclone over dbl strike?
Why cyclone over dbl strike?

Why not?..
Guide for Dbl Strike is already finished... Only passive progress from the start left which is almost done and I will insert this part into the guide soon..
Cyclone was a new skill for me which I didnt use before.. That was the right time to test Cyclone for me.. I know the power of Dbl Strike very well and will have an opportunity to compare both of them.. Hope it is clear :)
after reading through your guide, i am definitely going to build one with double strike. constant dps and insane attack speed. i wanted to try out a frenzy build until i saw your guide.

1) Would you be adding in some alternative gears for new players/poor players? for example, if i do not have the uniques as mentioned, what will be another alternate equip? if i have items with lesser sockets and links, how do i priortise the gems?

2) Using double strike as main skill, why wasn't critical taken into consideration when you are hitting that fast? Instead you went for attacks cant be evaded, never deal critical.

3) What are some of the key mods to look out for when it comes to equipment. Other than reduced mana reserve, ES and resists, is there any other key mods to look out for?

I would like to apologise for asking so many qns as I am new and I do not have the luxury of having the same gear as you. (Pardon me!)
* Items with 3L and 4L are not problem at all. Just we spend some orbs; easy..
But 6L chest can be a pain. Thats why I alrdy informed in guide what to do:
- 5L is also viable: Get one red gem out( Melee Dmg on Full Life or Melee Phys. Dmg )

** Unfortunately the build is based on some special bonus features of unique items. Without them it is not possible to get the full power of the build. In other words it will be totally a different build.
-- Soul Taker: we use all mana for auras and no need any energy source for any melee skill..
-- Alpha's Hawl: %8 red'n of mana reserve ( a must to have 5 auras ; else whether our dps will be lower or our defence ) + 2 lvl up of aura gems on the helmet
-- Amulet and Boot : we need them to have a satisfactory % chance of block for spell attacks
-- Aegis Shield : No need to mention about it, it creates main concept of the build.

2/ Possible but not needed nor intended. a) if we dont get RT (Resolute Technic) we will need lots of "accuracy" not to miss ; b) If we also go to "crit base dps" this time we will need additionaly lots of crit increasing stats..
If we try to collect accuracy and crit from items it will be a big headache to us to find out proper items and much more xpensive. We cant spend build nodes for them , impossible.. We loss all power of the build for defence.
What u ask is valid only for more dps which we dont need since the dps level of the build is alrdy more than enough for all end game maps.

3/ Yep, one more: Eva or/and Armor.. The amount of ES gained per block is directly related with total armor (eva is our main source to inc. the armor: we have Iron Skin)..

So: For mitigation// ES + Eva (or and armor) + resists to cap
For dps // Attack Speed + (x-y) added phys. dmg + % added elem. dmg for weapons are the first to look for.. then all kind of (x-y) added elementals..

Hope all clear for you.. If there r still some points left pls dont hesitate to ask.. I try to answer with pleasure.. thats what the friends are for :)

very detailed explanation. greatly appreciated. i guess i still have lots to learn!

i believe this build can only be made when well funded (in my case).

You can use max lvl supports with lvl 1 CwDT gem, only active skills linked has to be lower lvl req. than CwDT.
IGN: i_am_ready_to_die/internecivus_lanius/Catarina_is_my_sister/stefan_yolo
Build Progress is added..
75 LvL map bosses vs Subade.. video added

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