How the Open Beta launch went for us

Loving every moment of this game! Amazing launch and thanks for sharing the details with us, it is really interesting to see what happens 'behind the scenes' :)
Haha you need an insider in a bigger company to get to know stuff like Chris posted. Thanks you Chris and Jonathan and the whole development and support team. Great studio, great game and a great start!
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nice post chris.

even if it took 4 hours to download that patch it was an very good start.
had no lags ingame and just noticed 1-2 dc's.
act 3 is awesome. the maps are huge ( maybe a bit toooo big ) and the map design \ monster design is fantastic. that act3 boss is epic and absolutely worth being an endboss ( so far ).

you guys did an amazing work.
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You tell 'em Chris!
Guys, I salute you! You are amazing and deserve our respect and applauds! It's been a while since I've seen so many people waiting for a beta game. Please, don't get me wrong when I say that you didn't advertise much, but you should be very very very proud that people are migrating from other games (created by huge companies) and discover that this is THE game they've been looking for. Amazing job, guys!

p.s.: It's always a pleasure to know that the developers are listening and chatting with the gaming community. That's why no one can or will be mad because of minor glitches, server problems or whatever. We understand and appreciate what you do, as an indie company. Good luck!
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great post from a great staff! tyvm GGG, im having so much fun and the game is beautiful!
You guys are awesome =D
I think the tone of this post reflects the awesome rapport the devs have with the community, it felt very much like a heart-to-heart and I also found it surprising that it was exactly what I wanted to hear, playing PoE aside, I really wanted to know how the dev team faired through it all from a personal perspective rather than just a few statistics. So good job in creating that kind of close relationship =)

Now that I know the personal side, really hoping for a cool infographic of how this all turned out =P
Great read.

you guys are amazing!
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probably the best launch since games getting launched? lol :D
Beyond insanity.
Path of Exile is realy gift.
When i got into beta i was so happy.
and than i got a key from the community for a friend of mine, whit was realy great.
that i got another key from ggg, thank you so much (we talk here of early beta).

suggentions and bugfixes, and community interaction and ggg was realy amazing.
i hope you earn, and improve, and put out great content.

so far, thank you.
See you in cutthroat!

...and if you have one beta key left, i have a many friends that are waiting to play PoE.

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