How the Open Beta launch went for us

Considering all it was really nice launch, good job guys. Don't you ever change :)
this game is awesome and you guys should be beyond proud, and even though I only played 2-3 zones of act3 so far, that stuff was the shit!
Its always in the last place you look
After witnessing the development of Path of Exile since it was announced, and watching every trailer, video, feature, etc. come out, it hits me hard to read this. Its like graduating from college, its just so beautiful.
Great read, thanks for being awesome as always.
Smooth start indeed, considering how many players there were. Sadly couldn't be there for launch, but loaded the patch as soon as I got home - around 1am, but it took a while and I went to sleep for 6 hours, then played. I was kicked one time and that was it.

I can only repeat: You guys are awesome and this is an awesome game.
I said it once i have to say it every time.. There is no end to just how dam good This team and company is..

I have to Think back hard,looking over the years of my some 20 years of game playing. I don't ever recall 1 Game co. efficient, ready to answer questions, and has great debates.Or as responsive dev crew, A ceo that one has a great personality,Accepts responsibility,and To top it off has a really cool Seriously every time i read your post i imagine i can here you reading it haha..

To the meat,Congrats guys this is a huge milestone and man It just gets good from here. god has blessed you guys. And many more from where that comes from!!

ps the download speeds were still a crap ton faster then most games i have DL in the last 3 or 4 years..
Congratulations to the entire team and to the testers who contributed.

I'm looking forward to trying the game when the patchservers are up to speed. I'm not home long enough to patch fully in one go these days.

So I follow Kripp's stream a bit meanwhile. A really good feature of your website to link the streamers' channels.
It's a really entertaining way to get a grasp on the game compared to reading up on the forums.

Thoughts go out to your families too in this busy time ;)

Thanks for the transparency and info you shared with us.
This was really a great start for open beta, and one of the best and smoothest switches from closed to open beta I´ve ever experienced.

I wish you and your team the best of luck.
Keep up the good work.

Cheers from Germany,
Amazing simply AMAZING game... now shut down the servers like u fixing something so i can have some sleep i`m too tired and cant damn stop playing it.
Nice job on the game. I hope you guys do a major press and hype campaign once it reaches release stage so it gets the most publicity possible, and the best reviews possible.
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