How the Open Beta launch went for us

Great read GGG.
Indeed, you are truly a one of a kind company.
Congrats to all the team and thank you for all your hard work and dedication.
I think you've made everybody's day!

I've already made 3 purchases so far so.. keep up the good work because you can't go wrong when you are so passionate...
thumbs up!
Great Game... im still in act 2 and the story line is great.... :3
Miss Creamy :3
Congratulations and here's to the future of this game!
Let me grab this opportunity to both congratulate and thank you. The way you treat and how you communicate with your players is just amazing, as is the game itself. I wish you a huge success and all the best for the future!

Congratulaions and thanks for this great game and this unbelievable smooth transition to open beta! You guys really rock!
Nice read. Congrats on the smooth launch and keep doing what you're doing.
If my first few hours were any indication Chris, I dont think you have to worry too much about the supporter pack folks hoarding thier points...I probably burned through 80% of them already purchasing some of the higher end goodies, and I've read and seen in chat I'm not alone.

Of course as time permits you will also have more cool stuff for us, which of course we will purchase to support you and the team (and because its cool)!

I'm really happy for you and the team and can just imagine how thrilling the last 36 hours have been.

Congratulations to all on a job well done.

Wishing you nothing but the best for 2013 and beyond.


Evil Sysadmin
Smoothest onlinegame onlaunch for me ever.. I understand now why some users got rubbish rates, I was lucky enough to be near a less busy server by the sounds of it. But still, I've really enjoyed the past 2 days amidst the crazy chat spam :D
If GGG chickens made an action RPG, what would it be called? Path of Eggxile, a Peck 'n' Slash RPG.
Why was the helmet spluttering? It was a coif.
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Great work on the launch! Was not expecting such a smooth launch for a new developer like you.

Looking forward to many hours of playtime. And will support you guys as soon as I get some money ready. Well deserved!
I m really glad that all went right on the launch !

I managed to patch fast, play and i had a blast for nearly 5 hours traight without any lag or issue. The minor server crashes has been resolved very fast and i m enjoying every minutes of gameplay so far !

This promise some awesome things for the future of my new favorite hack n slash !

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