1.3 [Newbie Friendly] GROUNDSLAMMER BUILD

I'm definitely going to try out this build.

Yea i know what you mean, my 70 mana left after auras is just enough to use mt 37-cost HS (with 2% Mana Leech)...

Since you are also in Standard we could meet ingame so you can try my Alpha's, but without IR it would be a really bad helm to use in your case :(
Still you could see the 8% reduction in practice if you like, maybe it can give you a better idea of what to except from the tree nodes...

I facetank Dominus too, but why do you use GS, don't you have a single target skill?

LastMFtoBreathe also loved his Vaal Pact, the insta-Leech must be great! But i would be reluctant to have no way of healing (flasks) besides the leech, still people say that it's not an issue. Maybe when i am rich i will spend a few Regrets to try it, but for now a better/6L armor is my next goal.

Also if don't have one already you should use an anti-bleed flask, in a Quicksilver or Granite since you can't use HP ones, it's really nice mod to have (much like anti-Shock etc).
There are not much things that can hurt a tank, but Bleed is one of them xD

I fight Bosses with point skills:) I just wanted to proof that GS is also viable if you can maintain it's mana/life requirements..

As for the Alpha's:
I could test Alpha's for minute or two to see how it's "+2 lvl to auras" boost dps of Hatered for example.
But without IR it is pointless to wear it. And I am 6 or 7 points from IR at this moment...

BTW Alpha's are getting more and more overpriced.. I should have buoght one when they were like 2EX standard :(

To bad there arent any strong mana boosters near Mara. Like +50 to mana :D

I should get a tri-res 6L armour , but they are so damn expensive !!

For me bleeding is not that deadly, chaos over time form the other hand...
The Blacksmith from Spider Forest Map and his poison gas-after-death zombies. If i kill the last one and find myself in the center of gas cloud- in this point I have only seconds to jump into portal or jump out of the cloud. Now he became one of the most dangerous bosses to me...
I could definitely use Ming's Heart ;) This rings are serious chaos res booster and 20% chaos damage from physical must be melting -60% chaos res players in PvP .

My tree:

Can I make any radical improvement here?? Or is it only gear grinding now?
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Hello can anyone please tell me how to gain enough INT for skele-totem?
azothshock wrote:
Hello can anyone please tell me how to gain enough INT for skele-totem?
Through items or the big +30 on the right of unwavering stance.
From items like:

That ring I bought for 1 chaos.

From 30+ Intelligence node (on the way to Duelist nodes)

Or from "Versality"-> +20 dex/intel, near from Mara starting point, but you need to put some points in physical meele first to get there..
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Hmmm, maybe you should have gone for the Scion's life circle first if you have survivability issues, especially since you are a Hardcore char! There is no substitute for life ;)

Are your EndCharges always up? If not try your best to keep them at max all the time!

You could also use some life in your jewellery/helm, but the big issue is your Mace i think:
You need to get a better one, 150DPS is really low for your level :(
Remember that higher DPS means higher Life Leech, and also your enemies will die more quickly so they will have less time to damage you ;)

Ah ok. I am now level 68 doing Merciless docks runs before questing. In a group I can take on the monsters and stuff but if a exile is there...

Here is my current gear, is it better (what can I improve?)

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I bet you are low on life...

3000 HP is a must for Merciles, with reduction from armour at least 35% (without endurance charges) and resists +60% to all.

That blue ring sucks, you will get better for free :)
For people asking about how to get Int/Dex attr.:

Once again, it's better to find the stats on gear, still if you can't you can take a temporary +30 tree node that you will respec later.

Also attr. stats can be found on all kinds of gear, if you need a better helm or something you can try and find one with the mods you need plus a high +attr stat you know you are going to always need:

Well you will be disappointed by how useless the "+2 to Aura lvl" is, i get a +140DPS increase on a 26K stat :/
Best thing about this helm is the "Cannot be Frozen" imo.
And yea, like most stuff (everything really), Alpha's prices has gone up :/
Send me a forum PM when you get ingame today, i'll join and you can see for yourself ;)

Personally i always had -60 chaos res and it wasn't a problem pre-maps (those snakes near Vaal hurt a bit but np), now i don't care much either really.
Still that 20% of phys gained as chaos dmg would be a substantial dmg boost, but those rings are very pricy...

Recently i have died three times, both in "low-lvl" maps (both 72 i think):
Two times by that bastard Shock and Horror boss, all was fine until it started raining lighting bolts: couldn't even count the Shock stacks i had on me before i died lol xD
And once from a deadly map that some decided not to re-roll, Piety with +LightDmg, +4 projectiles and we had ElemEquil. They all decided to skip her so i gave it a try alone: bad idea :/
Well it's all about the mods: you can do a lvl76 without using a flask and you can die in a lvl72 if you don't play smart or the mods are super-deadly...

Now like i always say i am not an expert, but you still have two res nodes you can respec and there are tons of nice nodes you can take:

First of all you can now save one point by not "double-connecting" to the Duelist tree:

If you connect to Master of the Arena from Executioner instead of Steel Skin, you will save 2 points (you lose a ton of +% AR ofc!!!). So you could get the Reaver cluster using the same 103p:

You have also two 8% life nodes you haven't taken yet (one in Scion circle and one in Templar area), so you could get those two when you eventually respec the two res nodes.
But personally i would take the Leather and Steel node for those two points, +24% AR is good but the best is the Ignore Move Penalty, it really makes a difference (pure AR chests have 8% move penalty).

Again I would maybe also sacrifice Butchery to get Reaver (less dmg/more life), so i could maybe gone for something like this:

Still these are trees based on my personal preferences, as you know with a set number of x points you can only pick up so many nodes, it's a question of stat you want to boost more :)
And you have a few levels to gain still, i think we can crawl ourselves up to 90 or so :D
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If only there were a unique that gives "can't be frozen" and "can't be schocket" (both in one)....

Forgot this cant be frozen on Alpha's, and yes- it is the most powerfull of its mods.

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