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Hi all,

I would like to present my verion of Incinerate bulid on Invasion League.


What do you think about this bulid? Thank you in advance for opinions.
Respecced my scion in standard, seems I lost a bit of health somehow, and some mana regen (210 now, was 230). Armor is also down from 1700 to 1400. I do have +3% max res though (83, was 80) and still got 3 points to spend. Just not decided where yet (probably life-nodes). DPS seems to be the same.

Since I really need/want the ballistic node in the ranger tree, I stuck to the original build on that area. And the charisma node/mana geyser nearby to help with mana-regen, which seems to be a problem for ppl following the new build. I did take the life/res nodes in the new marauder area to compensate for the loss of health nodes near the scion area. So in effect its a mix of the new proposed build and the original.

Anyway, I ran some maps with it, no problem with mana, even with AA on. I do have mana-leech and life-leech though. Havent tried dominus yet, might have a go this evening, tho im having to much fun in ambush league atm :p.

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Just did my first map(dungeon, no saffells, no infernal mantle, pure selffound gear), and I can say this: The build still stands. It's currently a little bit harder to level, but it's perfectly doable, even without the increased projectile speed. Honestly, Projectile speed is more of a luxury then a necessity.

Another update for the witch tree.(after 85, we can pick up those fire nodes, increased our damage by even more if we wish)

I've got the feeling this is going to be final. I will most likely change a few things as well. I might drop Saffells and swap it for a high life/es/spellbased shield, since we get 4% from the tree, and pick up Purity of Lightning to go with, we most likely can sustain our IM without having Saffells backing us up. This will most likely bring us around 4.5K life end game, plus some regular block, for them physical attackers, making us overall even more tankier.

I did drop inner Force, simply because I felt we can't sustain AA without some perfect gear. But as it looks like now, it should be fine.

Again, I'll keep you updated. But first, we sleep! :D

Oh also: you should read this about LGOH. Since incinerate is not an attack, LGOH doesn't work with it. But if it did, we would get life back for each hit/enemy ;P

Any plans for the witch leveling build trees?
So, saw the leveling tree was only for Scion. May we ask for a leveling build for the witch by chance?
I will post the leveling trees when I'm finished with the build. You don't want to follow the tree I did, it took me countless deaths, and over 10 regrets to get to this point :D

And I still need around 10 more :D

But, it seems the higher we get, the less issue's mana/life leech gives us. The build might even stand, unchanged from the first post(except for the tree that is)

Just hang on guys, I might be able to post the leveling trees tomorrow/the day after. can't promise anything though ;P
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this is my temlar incinerate .pew pew can u please tell me from now how to go towards passive tree.i dont know wat to do. incin dps is 1.35k dps

my gear

tell me what all the improvements have to be made.life is now 4.1k

my comments about thus build is its tanky since using ligt warp on cwdt but at that the same time it risky using this.since whenever i try to escape i just light warped to the packs again for example going dom runs.using gmp is a must unless u have insane insane mana regen .since i got a decent drop of wand with projectile speed i droped faster projectile.reply is much appreciated.hope sombody post a complete build of my passive tree an stuck now. all my gears are doppped except the the two uniques
Ezekius wrote:
What are you doing about Dex req. on green gems?

Dex on gear/+30 Dex nodes.

The cool thing about the new tree is that now with more max res and more life regen readily available, it becomes more feasible to run Blood Rage and even Righteous Fire for the spelldamage bonus. Only tried it on DOminus so far, but it made for a very fast kill. :P
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Just hang on guys, I might be able to post the leveling trees tomorrow/the day after. can't promise anything though ;P

You're awesome, thanks~
Since you said witch is far superior to scion with this build now with the recent patch, should I just go back to my witch since there was a free full respec?
hi one question .... on your first page you post a 1.1.0 patch tree for witch and for scion.
And you wrote witch is superior to the scion now. So if i look to the witch tree you posted ... you can also go the same way with your scion with only wasting one point in lord of the dead to get the side with the mana reg and max life/mana.
So why you dont go the same tree when the witch tree is better ? Or is my thought wrong ?

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