What's Coming in 1.0.3?

New skills sure get alot of love in the fancy skill effect department these days!
Still waiting and hoping for a tempest shield Micro Trans
Wand skill !! Great i m really curious to see it. Also passive nodes for degen and chaos damage are welcome it was lacking imo.
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no nerfs please /pray

[Button shit has hit the fan] won't be pressed :P
- ''The people crying for nerfs haven't even done anything hard in their entire poe career''
- ''Savage af''
- ''Wait didn't you cry about BV when we recruited you?''
- ''Shut the fuck up leader''
Hey Chris!

Maybe some update about uniques dropping only in total hilvl maps (promised and forgotten)?
And maybe some comment about unique drops in mercilles/maps/hilvl maps 99% biased towards low lvl crap like kaoms rings and blackgleams and only most common tier uniques? You have 5 or more threads about that in one week in feedback secition.

ppl are very unhappy with that. Who cares about new uniques when o cont drop it because odds are 1% -> new unique - 99% -> 10th blackgleam?

Maybe at least some vendor recipes for all this 'crappy' uniques (chance orbs one is /meh)?

Honeslty this is atm biggest flam of this game atm.

I dont have hopes for answer but thx if you will read that and take into consideration (also i recommend going to feedback section - there is very big amount of feecback about uniques issues).

Diablo 3? Meh!
i know you guy might not think they exist, but there are pvpers out there that are only waiting for pvp updates........and theres more than you think out there.

stop trolling us by saying there will be pvp tournaments/dueling at 1.0, then 1.0.2, and now nothing about it was even said in 1.0.3.

we all want an ETA on when pvp tournaments are going to be ready.

dont ignore the pvpers
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Updated combat impact sounds!
Passive skills to support degeneration and chaos damage skills.

These sound pretty exciting!
Phone payment, that would be great but i know it'll never happen, ugh I hate being poor xD
Still great news!! loving the game!! :3
Super Excited!!
Hopefully we can see a good PVP update in not too long:

PVP needs some changes before it becomes popular:

1. PVP button on hud to queue up from anywhere. No waiting around, I should be able to queue up, then continue farming while I wait. Then bam, PVP is ready and the game brings me directly into it. After the PVP I spawn in town.

2. Flasks need to reset after each round.

3. Bigger arenas with obstacles and monsters to kill so you can recharge your flasks.

4. Minions should not need to be recast.

5. Allow betting; basically a trade-like window that pops up, each party places orbs/items, whatever they're willing to bet, then both have to agree on it.

Bonus: Allow going hostile while in a party. Like the old days where someone would join your party, then all of a sudden they go hostile and it's on.
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