What's Coming in 1.0.3?

Open PvP Please.
IGN: lVlage (96 Witch)
Hope there are some more chaos resist nodes on their way as well..wouldn't mind a few more 4-6% nodes scattered around the tree.
We're expecting 1.0.2 will contain:
The final touches on the rapid-fire PvP Tournaments for PvP Season One. We'll post more in the news about this in the near future.

Ummm. Did I miss something?
>Alt 'Entrance' & 'Quest NPC'|http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26332090/subtledoorANDquest.png
>Alt 'Character Panel'|http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26332090/Stats.png
Completed 16 ChallengesForsman wrote:
I've been waiting since closed beta to see updated armour 3d models. Preview that!

I agree.
I'm from Brasil and I'm pretty happy with the atualization speed, this game seems that will be even more great as time goes by, congrats to all the staff.

I hope for you guys to solve the problem of sync here in the south-america, but I'm already facinated abaout the game, btw, I wish a great future to you all, and if you want to improve the game for south-americans you guys will be rewarded for sure.

(And sorry about that bad english)
Completed 4 Challengesnheowitzki wrote:
guys, you need to take a vacation.

Yes! Please don't get burned out.

Second that ... take some time off so you don't get burned out!
Why do you keep adding new actions and content when Cyclone is completely broken and desync is still the #1 issue? If you really want a strong patch for the community, please address these issues first...
All that and a bag of chips!
1.0.2 was really top, good to hear there are more skills in the pipe, the game is really strong now I feel like it can only getting better from here on in.

Life is strong, ci is still strong despite what some people say, 2 handed weapons are good again, 1 handers are great as they always have been, bows have damage now, evasion works, armour works, the ranger and duelist are great starts, mapping is fun and rewarding, the races are getting better and better, the games still hard, the nemisis mods are great. Again people may disagree but I think the economies are strong and stable, we survived the league merge, the legacy items, we survived the maze cull so far intact...

We still got a few spells out there that need a little love to become strong, popular endgame skills like they should be, but all in all the state of the game is better than its ever been. The list of things crying out to be fixed has been severely diminished. I think 1.0.2 took us over the tipping point and with some chaos dot nodes on the to do list Im super excited about 1.0.3 and the subsequent updates.
Chris wrote:
  • New Skill: Barrage - a bow/wand skill.

I hope it's physical. And AoE. And less expensive than Power Siphon.
Still no pvp???????????????????????????????????

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