What's Coming in 1.0.3?

rossit wrote:
Floating Combat Text please!

GGG - Please make the Templar Lab Zana's hideout. That place is pretty.

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Completed 36 Challengesunsmith wrote:
bellabears wrote:
How about improved unique drop rates?! THE CURRENT RATES ARE AWFUL STILL!!

Yes, let's just give out uniques like candy so they're common as hell and not worth anything. Great idea.

Unique drop rates being what they are right now, combined with the greediness of most traders have the result of making some RMT offers very tempting - with the added bonus one hasn't got to waste hours in vain in the trade chats - when it comes to acquiring specific gear for middle-level characters.

The big problem for GGG is that the money spent in that way to compensate the lack of good drops (uniques / currency) comes from the same leisure - hence not limitless - budget than the money which is used to buy support packs.

People may get confronted to the dilemma: spending to support GGG to give them fair reward for their great developing efforts (they truly deserve it) by buying great looking cosmetical effects versus spending to buy the item(s) which will allow their characters to get further in game or unlock a specific build. Guessing which alternative they will give their priority to is easy.

PoE has no built in auction house but dozen external shops are orbiting and concurencing each other in the PoE nebula... it would be a big mistake to neglect or minimize that fact if we want GGG and PoE to keep going for the numerous years we do hope for.

Dropping rates need to be better balanced as there is - alas - nothing to hope for to cure people from their greediness if we want the support packs to keep selling or to sell even better.

My 2cent.
If new passives are being added, will there be an optional respec available?
Please, remove the bug that Viper Strike is unaffected by Deidbell's "Increase Melee Damage" node
With the new passives for buffing chaos damage I am wondering how the skill tree will change due to the new passives.
Cant wait for a new map.
Everybody's excited and am very curious myself about the DOT nodes, but do you all forgot who dot skills got nerfed to oblivion in 1.0.2?

Really dubious on spending skillpoints to only make it what it was.
will we get a free passive tree reset?
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Completed 11 Challengesxenochaos1 wrote:
will we get a free passive tree reset?
I wonder the same thing, i hope we get it.
not sure if this has been brought up yet, but is CoC(Cast On Crit)being fixed when being used with EK(Ethreal Knives).

To me it's taking advantage of a gem, with a gem that should not be a spell... allowing continuous EK casting due to crit rates of 80%. I'm not saying nerf CoC, i'm saying change EK to a melee attack instead of a spell, the way it should be.
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