What's Coming in 1.0.3?

we need more unique quivers!
GJ GGG u guys are the best!
Optimization please? Yes, more of it. The game still isn't up to industry standards regarding optimization.

I bought a supporter pack and found out that using the portal is suicidal cause it adds a short delay like the one you get when you cast discharge for first time or skeleton totems. (In addition, it doesn't work in maps, I guess it's useful just in eternal lab lol).

Please, PRIORITIES. And content... what happened to the 'revamp old skills' initiative in Open Beta? I guess the 'degen patch' (1.0.2) and it's following (1.0.3) could be considered something like that (VS, poison arrow, puncture etc.), but more skills still need work, from ice nova to arc, from cleave to sweep, etc.
Sounds great! so cool that you are keeping the community updated with this pace!
ITEM FILTERING!!! PLEASE GGG GET THAT IN. On maps with like 90% quantity, plus another 50 or so from equiped gear, plus more players = f*king unreadable mess.

Looking forward to seeing Barrage, maybe it's mega fast and has strange knockback? or maybe it's some kind of mortar type attack? Looking forward to it :)

I would also petition here for you to make skin transfers reclaimable because it's real money being spent on those. Cheers GGG
Ok now the harsh nerf to degen skills makes more sense with 1.0.3 in sights
Getting a new skill for use with wands just made my day, thank you! Looking forward to seeing what Barrage is going to do. Lots of speculation so far.

Storm Call has been a blast to play too.
o yeahh wand skill
Ign: ThatManWithTheBow
I really hope that we get a Unique 2H sword above level 51 soon to compete will the Unique 2H Axes and Maces that completely destroy any of the 2H swords in damage. *prays*
Borat: "Very nice!" *Thumbs up*
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