What's Coming in 1.0.3?

Please, the veteran Abyssus need a decent 3d art ;)
end game sucks , you cant find maps to run , or currency to buy maps from other players. Game is great ,but you can not play that great game after level 80 cuz theres no maps to run.Always drops shitty low level maps.Good luck at farming lvl 68 maps at 83.Hope you fix this someday and i start to play with my great marauder again.Btw desync you know, nerf it please :)
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Can a developer check if that idea is viable:
Completed 3 ChallengesDeredeo wrote:
Please, the veteran Abyssus need a decent 3d art ;)

Agree, +1 for that.
Chris, you go girl! I think this game will grow exponentially if things continue the way they are going now. I'm talking League of Legends proportions, since Riot handled it similarly (been a player since Alpha)
Im thinkin barrage is gonna be like the tentacle miscreants suppression fire :D i hope so, either way i'm blindly leveling a wand witch for a skill noone knows anything about lololol
Floating Combat Text please!
bellabears wrote:
How about improved unique drop rates?! THE CURRENT RATES ARE AWFUL STILL!!

Yes, let's just give out uniques like candy so they're common as hell and not worth anything. Great idea.
Can we get an update that focuses on you know the main problem of this game, desync, it really takes a whole lot of enjoyment out of the game, in my opinion.
Will we have a full refund on passive points due to the passive tree changes ?

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