What's Coming in 1.0.3?

Passive skills to support degen and chaos damage? Faith has been restored.
Viper Strike and Poison Arrow buffs, I'm sure that will make a lot of people [whining on the forums] happy. :P
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Can't wait for the degen passives!
Hope we'll see some balancing on the out of control Burning Miscreations Spectres damage in a small Patch.
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Firebrand76 wrote:
Wasn't there originally supposed to be pvp updates (tourneys, etc...) in 1.02? What's the ETA on that now?

A very good question. We're still working on it and it'll be ready for testing (followed by a season) as soon as possible.
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Passive skills to support degeneration and chaos damage skills.

YES! :D Really excited for this change!
guys, you need to take a vacation.
Sounds interesting. Can't wait for the release.
awww yeeeea
When you released open beta, most of the patches seemed to make the game worse. Now that you've released it, all of the patches are actually making things better. I like it.
another new skill? nice!

mtx for storm call: ivisible storm effect, for those poor meeles getting hammered by 3 dual totem storm call guys. : D

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