Mors' Max Str, Ironwill, Freeze pulse build (updated for 1.3 tree (tentative)

is this build viable still cause i was also thinking of going this for new hc league
Prrreeeaase! Upgraduru this tree!
Follow the train CJ!
update tree please :D
Im doing a very similar strategy to this guide, I can post my tree in a minute.

Im leveling with Searing Bond at the moment, but will change gems to FP probably around mid 60s.


Curl around to IR first, then go north as you level. Take/Remove +30 stat nodes as needed. Astramentis is OP if you can get one. (I've chanced about 20-30 onyx amulets so far.)
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How much total str are you getting with that build Varanice?
380 from tree
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Please update the tree Mors! Will be forever grateful!
Thanks for the update
Could you please do an update on the progression? I don't know which way in the tree to go first.
PM me if I win.
also when is the good time for switch from melee to fp?

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